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Magistrala 0.5

Public road based on the real location at Croatian coast.

  1. Gunja
    My first track and i'm making it with Race Track Builder. It's work in progress but it can be driven as a preview. I know i wouldn't have a problem trying someone's track in this state so i decided to share.
    The main road is 17 km. in each direction and with side-roads 25km. The pits and the turning point at the end of the track are fictional. The rest of the track should be close to how it is in real life. It is a bit wider than IRL but not by much. I'd like to do much more on this track to make it look nicer, in fact as much as race track builder lets me. Only one connecting side-road is built so far but i didnt do any adjustments to it so i don't consider it usable yet. I think i'm done with the main road and apart from adding more textures and objects, i planned only minor adjustments to it. I really didnt put any effort to the part at the end where you turn around to go back. It is ugly as hell and will be changed but serves it's purpose for now. The track has 32 car slots and ai does ok in practice but for the race sessions they behave better when there's only 24 and not too much mixed classes. When the cars start to drive in opposite directions, there can be an accident or two... ai can get thrown into the abyss or far from the road into the terrain.
    You were warned.
    Screenshot_alfa_romeo_giulietta_qv_le_magistrala_13-2-117-20-36-23.jpg Screenshot_alfa_romeo_giulietta_qv_le_magistrala_13-2-117-20-39-55.jpg Screenshot_alfa_romeo_giulietta_qv_le_magistrala_13-2-117-20-41-37.jpg Screenshot_alfa_romeo_giulietta_qv_le_magistrala_13-2-117-20-43-23.jpg Screenshot_alfa_romeo_giulietta_qv_le_magistrala_13-2-117-20-48-28.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. lsd67
    Version: 0.5
    grazie :)
  2. Rob van Vliet
    Rob van Vliet
    Version: 0.5
    great track for some high speed cruising
  3. Ned
    Version: 0.5
    The AI is totally insane and I've got many crashes when he passes other cars but it's fine to have both sides of the road .Maybe the track is too long as it's just for fun.
  4. masarumasaru
    Version: 0.5
    Although it lacks, it is a 0.5, but the adrenaline of crossing you with others at high speeds is exciting. Good job, do not abandon it promises much this type of track and fun assured. Thanks for your job. English Google, sorry.
    1. Gunja
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the motivation. I will keep working on it :)
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