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The most unfinished track in Assetto Corsa

The most unfinished track in Assetto Corsa 0.1051

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I have many aspirations for this track.

So lettuce' begin. Yes, this chaotic fictional track of mine has been in Alpha for over 3 years now. (2 year hiatus) Made in blender, It is my first track and pretty much everything is a scratchmade hodgepodge attempt, including textures (which I made in Paint.Net, had some fun, turned out pretty great!). I've just had an itch to release it here, in this unfinished state.

Recommended pace: Slower speed cars like GT4 or slower with high downforce. Not too bad with sedans and family vehicles either.

Here's how I like to drive it in the Maserati, full speed pedal-to-the-metal lap.

Purpose: The idea is to work on the layout of the track "flow" first and perfect it. It would make little sense to rush it with graphics updates and realize in regret the track isn't fun to drive. This is just like beta testing!
My point of sharing this track is to get feedback on the track flow. tell me your favourite sections/ideas for a track. I'd like to start a discussion. Example: If you like a cool section like Eau Rouge from Spa, I might want to incorporate that into this track and put it deep into a valley. Who knows when. This track, hopefully, going to get many changes over it's lifespan. Starting with flow. It's currently a 3-7min lap but I'd recommend starting with a slower car like a GT86 or a GT4 as it's better drive. Don't select the 787b unless you want to barrel roll in the pits.


My only goal is to improve the The flow of the track foremost. I want to have a track where I want to take another lap, because it's plain old fun, a thrill and it's a pleasure. Not there yet, there are sections that need to be completely reworked, expanded upon and likely replaced from two years ago. Luckily I have it setup the track is on a nurbs spline I can bend at will, that's the only "easy" part. Further, I want it to be driven like a near technical racetrack but more of muck-around cruisetrack with a good average speed having a lot of range, all by pushing it to unheardof extremes? It's a concept or a template. But I might make it look real down the line.

  • Many elevation and banking/camber changes
  • 4-6 minutes per lap. Awesome!
  • One of the quickest loading tracks. Good FPS even on dated hardware.
  • Apparently, Unique driving experience with vast space and no space at the same time.
  • Painful to reset, easy to master thanks to intuitive flow.
  • It's relatively smooth for the polycounts
  • Includes circuit, tiny stunt props, drivable hills, random mini section and the Death straight where you can push cars faster than they'll ever go. Guaranteed. This is a Multi-purpose track.
  • Now includes fancy bug fix.
  • So many car slots. 38 or 48? I can't remember.
  • Wide Grass helps you not falling into oblivion.
  • It's better than the last track I made.
  • Comes with it's own outdated history
  • Graphically looks like a beta track from 1885. Would fit right in on a Gameboy advance.
  • Slightly Outdated track map.
  • Ai has infinite troubles, but it's there
  • Pits and grid are terribly broken, it's kinda sort-of funny so I've kept it in. Reset the "right" way and you can drive.
  • textures are scratch made and lack variation, so they can potentially induce a feeling of dizzy. Works great when high.
  • UI and version numbers are all over the place messy!
Working: Hotlap mode.
  • Screenshot_ks_mazda_787b_BB_Mt_V0.099_19-8-118-18-50-59.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_mazda_787b_BB_Mt_V0.099_19-8-118-19-1-33.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_mazda_787b_BB_Mt_V0.099_19-8-118-19-1-25.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_mazda_787b_BB_Mt_V0.099_19-8-118-19-1-11.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_mazda_787b_BB_Mt_V0.099_19-8-118-19-0-26.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_mazda_787b_BB_Mt_V0.099_19-8-118-19-0-20.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ks_mazda_787b_BB_Mt_V0.099_19-8-118-18-59-57.jpg
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  • Screenshot_shelby_daytona_BB_Mt_V0.098Roughneck_23-3-116-8-56-27.jpg
    89 KB · Views: 1,985
  • Screenshot_ferrari_312t_FFC_v0.089-Flow_23-2-116-3-55-29.jpg
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  • Screenshot_ferrari_312t_FFC_v0.089-Flow_23-2-116-3-50-45.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Rotation applied to some grid/pit starts

    Nothing else has changed. Applying rotation in blender seems to have fixed some cars from...

Latest reviews

Hey Danny,
Thank you so much for this track. I've been waiting for this kind of track for a long time. In a simulator there's no fear of killing the car, or it's passengers, while attacking a track like this. Not to mention in VR. I rated five stars for the experience. It's an incredible driver's track. I had something like that in mind, but with loops, jumps and what not. One day I'll have the time ;). loved the road to the right of the pit stall(taking a right U turn on the "grass"). Great work, looking forward to additions(not edits ;) ).
Danny kung
Danny kung
Totally did not expect such a great review of this ol thing! Drivers track! I've been wanting to say that but you've put it into words. Thank you! I'll be looking to make the jumps and other more organic for the next update and a few other changes no promises! It's fantastic to know someone else can actually extract the same fun out of this track, given it's state! I find it fascinating using the game as a medium to drive on the limits. A balancing act that can be quite rewarding. Further to all, feedback ideas is always welcome via PM or support thread. :) Cheers
That's a good start,
But I think your turns and elevation changes are too sharp. I would prefer larger turns and a slightly smoother elevation changes . (I know you want to fly but... I don't like it ;) )
Ah and the position to get out of the pits is horrible :/
Danny kung
Danny kung
Seems a mature version (more realistic) is wanted, Noted! though that's not the goal of this project, goal is for me to have fun, I've been wanting to draw out just some of the turns, get more of that countryside gentle flow? That said, Pit situation has never been better ;)
Danny kung
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