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Telemetry Application 6.2

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6.2 release for F1 2017 v1.8 and later.

Key improvements/changes
  • You can set your own TLA (3 letter abbreviation) in the settings and then that TLA will be used in the map and race timing/history
  • Invalid laps handling is now better, they don't affect the fastest times, also added to RaceInfo color to indicate, if the lap was invalid
  • Overhaul of the Statistics tab and moved some key stats from Driving Info to Statistics
  • F1 2017 v.1.8 feed changes incorporated. Added tyre temperetures etc. also to graphs
  • If in a tab you can use mouse scroll to change the size of text, you can then also save the setting with CTRL-S
  • Fixed some Mac related bugs
  • Many small fixes and tweaks
Some more specific changes
  • Telemetry tab: Small map shows the tire colors in the driver dots
  • RaceInfo tab: Fixed fuel usage data to show correct values, makes it easier to optimise your fuel usage during a race.
  • Graphs tab: Now all graphs should be correctly aligned
  • httpserver: Added small example at <server>/aidata using JQuery to poll the data
  • Httpserver: Fixed situation, where the data in /JSON/aidata was incorrect
  • Added graphical feedtester
This will most likely be the final version for F1 2017, unless the feed still changes or there are critical bugs in 6.2.

If you are doing a new installation, please read the ReadMe.txt in the .zip.

If you update from 6.x, just copy the Telemetry.jar + the tracks directory into your installation directory.

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New version.

Key updates:
  • As requested, added Race timing tab, which shows the race track order and the time delta to leader for each driver + some other data.
  • HTTP Server additions: Added /JSON/telemetrypacket and /JSON/aidata, first outputs all data in the latest UDP packet and second outputs basic data about other cars + time delta to the leader. (This was requested by someone, but I accidentally deleted the email before replying.)
  • Option to play sound, when DRS is available. For this, you need to put drs.wav in the same directory as the Telemetry.jar and enable the 'Play DRS sound' in settings. You can use any .wav file, you like. I will not include one, as I might not have the rights to redistribute it. This is handy, as sometimes the DRS sound from the game is inaudible and now you can have your own sound for it.
  • Fixed OUT_1 and OUT_2. Now you can again forward the UDP feed to 2 other IP addresses.
  • Trackmaps now have color for the sectors.
  • Added tyre use history to the Race History tab.
  • Many small changes and performance improvements.
If you are upgrading from 6.0, please replace the tracks directory contents with the one in the .zip. The track files have all been redone and the structure has changed a bit.

If this is a new installation, please read the ReadMe.txt in the .zip.

I expect this to be the final version for F1 2017, unless there is some serious bug, or I come up with some new ways to use the AI data.

Edit: I will most likely do one more version for v1.8, as the data structures will change a bit there. The v1.8 change will not break anything, but will add bit more data to the stream.

Have a great weekend.

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