Telemetry Application 6.2

New version of the Telemetry application. This one is meant only for F1 2017

  1. New version of the Telemetry application. This is for F1 2017 v1.8 or later

    Iko Rein
    6.2 release for F1 2017 v1.8 and later.

    Key improvements/changes
    • You can set your own TLA (3 letter abbreviation) in the settings and then that TLA will be used in the map and race timing/history
    • Invalid laps handling is now better, they don't affect the fastest times, also added to RaceInfo color to indicate, if the lap was invalid
    • Overhaul of the Statistics tab and moved some key stats from Driving Info to Statistics
    • F1 2017 v.1.8 feed changes incorporated. Added...
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  2. Telemetry Application

    Iko Rein
    New version.

    Key updates:
    • As requested, added Race timing tab, which shows the race track order and the time delta to leader for each driver + some other data.
    • HTTP Server additions: Added /JSON/telemetrypacket and /JSON/aidata, first outputs all data in the latest UDP packet and second outputs basic data about other cars + time delta to the leader. (This was requested by someone, but I accidentally deleted the email before replying.)
    • Option to play sound,...
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