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    Telemetry Application V10 10.3

    Hello, New version of my telemetry and race strategy tool is here. What is new in version 10? Full support for F1 2020 All track maps re-done for F1 2020, including Hanoi and Zandvoort. GHOST as BLUE lap (only in F1 2020 and F12019): When the ghost data has been received (requires ghost to...
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    Telemetry Application 6.2

    Hello, Version for F1 2017 is here. The new version use the data format of V1.3 of F1 2017, so you need to have the latest update in order to use this. Biggest changes: Added AI car data in many views, like the Map panel, the minimap in Telemetry panel and added new RawAIData panel. Added...