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Team Sodexo Sport Porsche 911 RSR (2017 Model) 2019-02-03

A team of Porsche 911 RSRs (2017 Model) adorned in Sodexo livery.

  1. johnbmarine
    Hello there! Let me introduce you to my latest skinning work.

    This is my first team skin upload to RaceDepartment. This is "Team Sodexo Sport," a team of Porsche 911 RSR (2017 model) cars painted in the livery of Sodexo. After I have gotten the urge to keep uploading my skins to RaceDepartment, I went back and edited my skins so I can make them at least useful for other Assetto Corsa players (like yourself) to go enjoy. I thought initially of making the livery more like FIA WEC or perhaps even IMSA. Maybe if I want to edit my skins some more, I may consider that. For now, I hope you get to enjoy my blue/white/red livery. The skin does not use any custom/bespoke helmets or suits.

    Please note that since this is not a freely-available car in Assetto Corsa, you will need the proper DLC pack which this car comes in to be able to utilize this skin.

    This file is meant to be uploaded onto the main Assetto Corsa folder. Unzip the contents, and then cut the "contents" folders from the ZIP file. Afterwards, paste that "contents" folder into your main Assetto Corsa folder. It should install everything properly. Then all you need to do is open Assetto Corsa, pick the car in question, select the skin of mine you downloaded, and go race! :)

    To see more of my Assetto Corsa work, please visit my portfolio of Assetto Corsa content on the Assetto Corsa portfolio on my Weebly site. If you enjoy my work to the point of wanting to donate (optional/voluntary, but would be appreciated), feel free to donate to my work here: Donate to Me via PayPal! (optional/voluntary, but would be appreciated).

    Thank you for your cooperation!
    Team-SodexoSport2.jpg SodexoSport-35.jpg SodexoSport-36.jpg SodexoSport-38.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. amtoms
    Version: 2019-02-03
    Cool skin. But why don't you use a real numberplate? Like make the skin a WEC or even IMSA one. It would add much to the realism of the skin if you know what I mean ;)
    1. johnbmarine
      Author's Response
      I mentioned previously that I was torn between making this like a proper FIA WEC or IMSA style sports car. Since this was fictional, it wouldn't make too much sense to design it like a racing car that doesn't exist. Again- should I develop this car further, I will look into making its livery more like a real WEC or IMSA style car. Thank you for the review regardless.
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