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porsche 911 rsr 2017

  1. L

    Porsche 911 RSR Sebring 12h 2020 "IMSA Farewell" 1.0

    From Porsche Newsroom: "The Porsche GT Team campaigns a pair of 911 RSR finished in special liveries to bid farewell to the GTLM-class of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. At the final round of the season on 14 November at Sebring – the last race for the works team in the sports car...
  2. J

    2020 Project 1 #57 6h of COTA 1.0

    Team Project 1's new #57 Livery with Wynns Sponsoring. Enjoy :)
  3. J

    #86 Gulf Racing WEC 2020 1.0

    Gulf Racings current 2019/2020 season livery for the Porsche 911 RSR! Enjoy :)
  4. J

    ELMS 2019 Dempsey Proton / Proton Competition Skinpack 1.2

    This Pack includes 2 Skins from the 2019 European Le Mans Series season. The #77 of Dempsey Proton Racing and the #88 of Proton Competition. I hope you'll enjoy it :)
  5. Enoneado

    Porsche 911 RSR 2017 Stinger (Fictional) 1.0

    I have inspired in a wasp to make this skin, enjoy and tell me about errors, i'm learning.
  6. johnbmarine

    Team Sodexo Sport Porsche 911 RSR (2017 Model) 2019-02-03

    Hello there! Let me introduce you to my latest skinning work. This is my first team skin upload to RaceDepartment. This is "Team Sodexo Sport," a team of Porsche 911 RSR (2017 model) cars painted in the livery of Sodexo. After I have gotten the urge to keep uploading my skins to...
  7. I

    Porsche RSR 2017 Skinpack 1.1

    I think, this car has the sound two get these two designs. I´m just working on the japan design.
  8. Rikkies

    Porsche 911 RSR Team #91 #92 #93 2.0

    The new 911 RSR makes full use of the breadth of the Le Mans 24 Hours GT regulations, and in addition to systematic lightweight design, features the ultra-modern, flat-six unit positioned in front of the rear axle. The four-litre, extremely light aggregate features direct fuel injection as well...
  9. Lunatea Dreamer

    [4K/2K] ULTRAKATZE 1.0

    Hello! I present to you my next offering; a special 3-car bundle skin pack dedicated to my good friend @Elrontur Features liveries for: Ford Fiesta WRC 2015 (Mod By RallyLegends) BMW M235i Racing Porsche 911 RSR 2017 Also includes Driver and Pit Crew Textures (Excluding Fiesta due to...
  10. miatachan

    Team Boomske Ver. 1/2/2.5 2.5

    Honestly these were a bit of a meme, but I had fun making them. I honestly don't expect any downloads but I might as well send them out. Ver 1 was inspired by the pnc bank livery of Scott Dixon. ver 2 is just an anime sh'tpost influenced by Team Goodsmile Racing
  11. Raptor000I

    Porsche 911 RSR 2017 Homage Skin #1 1.1

    I think it's a cool idea to create historical liverys on modern vehicles. There are so many possibilities. If you guys like stuff like that I'll do other projects in the future. This livery is for nowadays but a more historical without modern sponsors and with old tyres will follow. Update 1.1...
  12. speedyx56

    #24 Porsche 911 RSR Team Penske Shell 1.0

    .psd files Uncompressed textures Uncompressed screenshots :
  13. AlfaGunner

    Oculus 911 RSR 2017 vs Vive 911 RSR 2017 (AlfaGunner) 1.2

    Created to race against your VR foe! Be great to see these skins online. Any server admins please use, so that we can request a skin for our HMD ) There is a message under the spoiler for your opponent ) Please put both skins in your Porsche 911 RSR 2017 skins folder (it wont replace any...
  14. V

    Maverick Motorsport Porsche 911 RSR 2017 #46 / #47 1.1

    Here are the skins for the Porsche 911 RSR 2017 that the Mavercik Motorsport team is going to use for the pre-season race that will take place on http://granturismoracing.foroactivo.com/ as the first round of the Spring season championship. #46 - Navapower #47 - Victor Jornet Feel free to...
  15. speedyx56

    #74 Porsche 911 RSR Roock Racing 1.02

    Process and details in the "Find more at" link. Try scanning the QR code at the back of the wheel. ;) .psd files Uncompressed textures Uncompressed screenshots :
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    2017 Porsche 911 RSR for Assetto Corsa Trailer

    Kunos Simulazioni have released a nice video trailer of the recently released 2017 Porsche 911 RSR for Assetto Corsa. Assetto Corsa players who purchased the third and final instalment of the recent Porsche DLC packs will also have a nice new bonus as the much delayed 2017 edition of the 911...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Updated, Mazda 787B, Miata N/A and Porsche 911 RSR Added

    Kunos Simulazioni have today updated Assetto Corsa to build version 1.13, adding for free the classic Mazda 787B and Mazda Miata, plus the Porsche 911 RSR 2017 to Porsche VIII DLC owners. The latest build update adds a considerable number of fixes and brand new features to Assetto Corsa, not...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Porsche 911 RSR 2017, Mazda 787B and Miata N/A Previews for Assetto Corsa

    Kunos Simulazioni Licencing Manager Marco Massarutto has revealed images of the Mazda 787B, Porsche 911 RSR 2017 and Mazda Miata due to be added to Assetto Corsa very soon. When Kunos revealed back in December that the much anticipated Porsche 911 RSR 2017 due to be included in the third...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Porsche 911 RSR 2017 in Pre Alpha Testing for Assetto Corsa

    Massarutto teasers Porsche 911 RSR 2017 image for Assetto Corsa, development in Pre-Alpha stage. Marco Massarutto of Kunos Simulazioni has confirmed the much anticipated 2017 specification Porsche 911 RSR for Assetto Corsa is now in a pre-Alpha state of development, with an anticipated release...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    Porsche 911 RSR 2017 Delayed for Assetto Corsa

    Kunos Simulazioni have confirmed today that the much anticipated Porsche 911 RSR 2017, due to be released as part of the third and final Porsche DLC instalment for Assetto Corsa, has been delayed until early 2017. Regretfully Kunos been unable to complete the new for 2017 911 RSR in time to...