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Super Monaco GP 2

Super Monaco GP 2 2020-03-01

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The continuation of the Super Monaco GP brought several improvements and had the direct help of Ayrton Senna.
My first contacts with sim race was with Super Monaco and the Super Monaco GP 2 continuation brought an even more interesting driving system.
Here I share the sequence of my work in reproducing in AMS a little of what we had in the 16 bit games of Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in my country).
The talent files help to make the game even more interesting, placing greater challenge on high-end cars and embolizing the C and D classes a little.
If someone wanted to help create a mod with a difference in performance between cars, talk to me, I already have documentation on performance, all crossed with the cars of the real season that the category alludes to.

No extra content (music, videos) or changes to the AMS content.
The series file follows the reiza pattern (without logos, without squares) that fits perfectly into the AMS menu.
Also check out the Super Monaco GP pack: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/super-monaco-gp.31222/

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nicely done skin pack with little details I like. IE the engine brands etc. Nice touch.
Enjoy Easter Eggs, both in cars and in the name of the drivers.
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