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  1. KyleJCrb

    DU Univ: Daytona USA skin pack for Cup90 1.0

    Welcome to the Daytona USA Universe! This carset comes from a special Cup90 mod for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season by SUTempest, DarkBlueYoshi, and AlphonseDaya on DeviantArt to recreate all of the player cars and select AI cars from every game in the Daytona USA series, as well as bonus fictional...
  2. Twiggy5471

    Super Monaco GP Season Ver. 1.0

    This season is based off the Sega Genesis game Super Monaco GP It's just after sunrise. A cool dew rests on the grassy infield. You've been up since the crack of dawn, making the final crucial adjustments to your Grand Prix race car. The first step toward the championship is a successful...
  3. T

    SEGA skin for NISMO Skyline R33 GT-R LM 2020-05-22

    You can found the car here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/nismo-skyline-r33-gt-r-lm.33073/ A fantasy skin: Enjoy it!
  4. HornetP

    Daytona USA 2 Phantom for Ford GT GTE 2020-03-15

    Daytona USA 2 Hard level car
  5. HornetP

    Daytona USA 2 ver Hornet for Cadillac ATS VR GT3 ver1.1

    update ・ Bonnet color gradation ・ Add a sticker that i forgot to put ・ Adjustment of sticker size Stickers faithful to the original. This is not a ripping, all I made. * This is an old version of the photo
  6. cristianoid

    Super Monaco GP 2 2020-03-01

    The continuation of the Super Monaco GP brought several improvements and had the direct help of Ayrton Senna. My first contacts with sim race was with Super Monaco and the Super Monaco GP 2 continuation brought an even more interesting driving system. Here I share the sequence of my work in...
  7. cristianoid

    Super Monaco GP 1.0

    My first contact with racing games was with SEGA's Super Monaco GP, on Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in my country). I am passionate about this game and decided to make a skinpack and talent files based on this incredible game. I know that many others like it too, which is why I'm sharing it. The...
  8. carmar

    Porsche 962c shorttail, Kremer SEGA No. 11, 2k+3k+4k v1.1

  9. Thescarfhusky

    Daytona USA 2 skin pack for Vantage 2018 0.9

    Special Thanks to JohnK222 on DeviantArt for giving me permission to use his vector art for the skin! "WATCH THAT REDLINE ON THE TACH!" I was inspired by one of my favorite arcade games: Daytona USA 2! So quick question... why on a Vantage 2018 and not on a stock car? I just got The Rollovers...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Motorsport Manager Challenge Pack and "The Devil’s in the Detail" Update Released

    The brand new Challenge Pack DLC has been released for Motorsport Manager, and comes bundled with a new, free substantial update to the game. Motorsport Manager has come on a long way since its early life as a hugely popular mobile game back in 2015, and with the fairly recent inclusion of tin...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    Motorsport Manager Free to Play Week Until March 27th

    Playsport Games have confirmed Motorsport Manager will be free to download and play until Monday 27th March, with a 50% off deal available at the end of the promotion. Motorsport Manager has already proven to be an exceptionally popular management game following it's move over to PC from mobile...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    Motorsport Manager Logo Tutorial Released

    Playsport Games have released a very useful little tutorial designed to help players new to modding create their own logos and modded content for Motorsport Manager. With the title offering considerable opportunity for modding in the form of championship files, liveries, names and even actual...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    Motorsport Manager GT Series Released

    PlaySport Games release much anticipated new GT Series DLC for the popular Motorsport Manager racing simulation. Following a recent announcement by SEGA and Playsport games regarding the inclusion of GT racing in the highly addictive Motorsport Manager simulation for PC, the development team...
  14. R

    Hatsune Miku Drift 2016-12-15

    This is my first skin. Enjoy it ;);)
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    Motorsport Manager: Free Livery Pack Released

    Playsport games have today released a free livery pack for their Motorsport Manager game, adding an additional 12 new fictional liveries to the title. Of occasionally dubious styling (see below), the new livery pack is still a nice little freebie thrown in by the developers of this immensely...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    Motorsport Manager Lands on PC

    Playsport Games have finally launched Motorsport Manager on PC, bringing the exceptionally popular mobile motor racing management game to PC for the first time, and giving racing fans their first chance to try a next generation motorsport orientated management title. Following a brief delay...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Motorsport Manager Preview - Tracks

    The launch of Motorsport Manager is just around the corner. To help ease the wait a nice batch of track preview images have been released by the studio, showing off the impressive visual presentation in game and the variety of locations brought to the title by the developers. Sadly Motorsport...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Motorsport Manager - Some Key Questions Answered

    With Playsport Games and SEGA building up to the release of Motorsport Manager, we thought it would be a good time to have a look at the previously published FAQ from the studio to see if we can learn anything new about the upcoming title. Of the more interesting bits of information to be...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    New Motorsport Manager Press Event Video

    Playsport Games and SEGA Publishing Europe have released a short 4 minute 27 second video showcasing some of the action at a recent media day held at the Bedford Autodrome in England. The team behind the newest management simulation took a couple of spec Formula 4 cars around the famous...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    New Motorsport Manager Previews

    Playsport Games and SEGA Publishing Europe have released several new images and videos recently of the soon to be released Motorsport Manager for Windows PC, Linux and Mac. Motorsport Manager is being published by the same people behind the hugely successful Football Manager series of games...