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super monaco gp

  1. Raphael Rodrigues

    Super Monaco GP Season Pack 0.8

    This skin pack is based on Super Monaco GP classic game from SEGA Mega Drive/ Genesis. You need ASR McLaren MP4/5B – 1990 Download Here! Drivers/ Teams: Class A Alain Asselin (Madonna) Franz Elsser (Firenze) Giorgio Alberti (Millions) Alex Picos (Bestowal) Class B Jacques Herbin (Blanche)...
  2. cristianoid

    Super Monaco GP 2 2020-03-01

    The continuation of the Super Monaco GP brought several improvements and had the direct help of Ayrton Senna. My first contacts with sim race was with Super Monaco and the Super Monaco GP 2 continuation brought an even more interesting driving system. Here I share the sequence of my work in...
  3. cristianoid

    Super Monaco GP 1.0

    My first contact with racing games was with SEGA's Super Monaco GP, on Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in my country). I am passionate about this game and decided to make a skinpack and talent files based on this incredible game. I know that many others like it too, which is why I'm sharing it. The...