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STS NX Essential (w/ NX Mapping Tool)

STS NX Essential (w/ NX Mapping Tool) V5.2 HOTFIX

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Hey guys

Seems Temp in AC are not showing so I've updated my mapping



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Updated to 5.1 because I was drunk last night :)
- Mapping fine tuning
Hi folks

- A LOT of fixes
- F1 Dashboard are now available for AC

Cheers !


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I am super excited!
As promised, here is the software that allows you to switch from one mapping to another in the simplest way possible to date.

Check out the mod's main page to learn more


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Folks, this is the last update from 2020, what a shitty year heh -_-
but... the mapping software will be out in January :cool:

So, here we go :
  • New car damages page and car info now reworked
  • A lot of codes and stuff updated for better render
  • Bug fixes

Credits to : Javliar | Romainrob | Doudaon
New colab on the way with André Tosato in 2021


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Hello simracers, I don't have enough time to work on other Mappings sorry guys, I'm focused on F1 2020 for this huge huge update.

**NEW** Start mode with clutch (RPM best start)
Everything reworked, everything improved !

Wish you the best for this end of the year, I come back with more mappings soon folks
Fixed : Mapping issues on ACC at some point
Fixed : ERS/MIX blinking too bright
Fixed : Cosmetic things