SS Dashboard for Dirt Rally 2 (for SimHub)

SS Dashboard for Dirt Rally 2 (for SimHub) 2.1.1

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I tried to make this dashboard as complete as possible with information only relevant on a stage, during competition, avoiding to include any other data that, though important for the staff, is not so relevant for the pilot while driving.

This includes:
  • Time
  • Shift Leds
  • RPM Gauge Bar
  • Current Gear
  • Speed (Km/h)
  • RPMs
  • Brake Temperature
  • Total Stage Length
  • Current distance driven (percentage and Km)
  • Running Time on stage
  • Stage Record
  • Current Stage Section
  • Last Stage Section Time
  • Average Speed
Four screens:
  • Main
  • Essentials
  • Luxury
  • Track Maps

I hope you enjoy it!

Main Idle.png

Main - Active.png



Track Maps.png
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Latest reviews

Just great.....!!!
Must have for rally!
You're a Legend.
I prefer the older "A" variant. This is a dedicated Rally app, we need mostly a huge GEAR indicator only. There are several other similar SimHub dash template exist for "B" variant. I respect your efforts. Thank You
Very nice, Thanks!
Distance driven Percentage should be better to use integer 48% instead of 0.48%
Best solution would be a progress bar... ;)
It's been now corrected, displays the percentage as intended
Una grande idea ++++
Thanks great job.... tested it and it works great
Very good and needed for dirt rally
finally a dashboard adapted 100% rally you did GOOD JOB !!!!
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