SS Dashboard for Dirt Rally 2 (for SimHub)

Mods SS Dashboard for Dirt Rally 2 (for SimHub) 2.1.2

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skullsplitter submitted a new resource:

SS Dashboard for Dirt Rally 2 - Complete but simple dashboard for Dirt Rally 2

I tried to make this dashboard as complete as possible with information only relevant on a stage, during competition, avoiding to include any other data that, though important for the staff, is not so relevant for the pilot while driving.

This includes:

Shift Leds
RPM Gauge Bar
Current Gear
Speed (Km/h)
Brake Temperature
Total Track Length
Current distance covered on track (percentage and Km)
Running Time on stage
Stage Record
Stage Section Number
Last Stage Section Time

I hope...
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Hello dear friend. I want to thank you for every job you share with the community. They are amazing. I have no knowledge to create those beautiful dash that you do. That's why I'm writing to know if you can create the VW Polo 5 Dash (for the Dirt Rally 2.0). As a collaboration, I have managed to capture an image of an onboard video. I give you the link. I hope you can do it. It would be fantastic. Otherwise, there will be no problem. Thank you. Daniel.-



Would you consider adding the following info on an alt version (second page)

All data from page 1 with the follwing edits or additions:
Mph / Imperial units
Throttle / Brake / Clutch Input
and a version a little more suited to Rally X

Great work and much needed as for some reason there are very few rally dash apps! you have cornered the market with the best one here so far and i hope you build and adapt it to support imperail, Rally X etc :)


I modded it myself!

Do you have any issues if i post my modded imperial version?
I edited it for the USA/UK regions and those other countries that use MPH etc.

My version also allows the user to see live throttle, brake, clutch inputs etc.

Ill assume its OK as its publicly posted, there is no license etc and its freely editable in simhub.

I'm happy to maintain a fork, and my version will contain imperial readouts, user inputs etc and a few other extras.

You ok with that?
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