Sp237 Coste South TRACKCAMS 1.0

add 2 TV sets for South layout (Odolo to Caino)

  1. dodz27


    1. Screenshot_pagani_huayra_sp237coste_11-2-117-16-54-18.jpg
    2. Screenshot_pagani_huayra_sp237coste_11-2-117-16-55-28.jpg
    3. Screenshot_pagani_huayra_sp237coste_11-2-117-16-57-19.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Phoenix77
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic work as usual mate.
    great switches, positions,
    and you always use a cool amount of FOV
    Thanks for these mate :)
    1. dodz27
      Author's Response
      Fantastic review mate!!
      I'm very glad you like it ;)
      There s some free slots for you and your fabulous spline cams if you have the time :) (I know you're very very busy with "pacific coast"but one day maybe...)
      Thanks for review and rating ;)