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Aspertsham Trackcams 1.1

Trackcams Aspertsham

  1. dodz27
    Aspertsham Trackcams Update 1.1 :
    fix a static camera position due to new 3D grass in V0.6 of the track ;)That's all

    Aspertsham Trackcams Update 1.0 :
    4 TV camsets

    thanks to @Aleinikov for preview videos
    Track link:

    changelog 1.0 :
    rework dTV1, new dTV3 and add dTV4

    Now it's far better than before..Hope everybody like it!
    Sorry for the previous version

    Extract archive in:
    assettocorsa\content\tracks\ and overwrite files
    Thank you!

    cameras.ini....................dTV 1..................30 cams,
    cameras_1.ini...............dTV 2..................23 cams,
    cameras_2.ini...............dTV 3..................13 cams,
    cameras_3.ini...............dTV 4..................17 cams,

    For those who like when there 's many short shots,
    choose dTV 1&2;
    For those who like large shots or longer holding views,
    choose dTV 3&4
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Recent Reviews

  1. mesa
    Version: 1.1
    Nice addon, thanks a lot
  2. Porsche1
    Version: 1.0
    just completes the track amazing camera angles
    1. dodz27
      Author's Response
      thanks mate ;)
  3. Reik Major
    Reik Major
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you very much, for making this great track even more enjoyable!!!
    I agree with Phoenix77 though. Maybe just deleting one and another cam would make the previous or following cam make following the car for a longer time?
    BTW it's fun following an AI car. It would just be cool, if the AI car and me wouldn't face the wrong direction at the start ;-) Could you fix that please? ;-)
    1. dodz27
      Author's Response
      Thank you for rating!.I agree with you and phoenix77 for the cams but have you tried dTV 3 & 4? Because i've made them with the phoenix review in mind...Sorry but it's the best i can do ..For AI, sorry i haven't the skills to make an competitive AI...i'm just a "noob-filmmaker."Thank you
  4. Phoenix77
    Version: 2016-07-07
    Very good job mate :) Some great camera angles... But IMO think some cameras switch too early. That could be my own personal preference though... I prefer holding some views longer as you can catch a car or two behind the focused car.
    1. dodz27
      Author's Response
      Thanks for rating and review!!Really glad you like it!..you're right, need some little tweaks..maybe an update soon...Thank you for your great work on statics cams & AI for Akagi,Pikes Peak and Hong Kong!!
  5. Aleinikov
    Version: 2016-07-07
    I wanted to do the missing TV cams by myself, but you where faster. Good job. Thank you.
    1. dodz27
      Author's Response
      thank you for rating!..i've some freetime this summer..glad to help, thanks!
  6. garyjpaterson
    Version: 2016-07-07
    Only used cameras, they are great. Nice addition to nice track :)
    1. dodz27
      Author's Response
      MAny thanks!! I'm glad you like it!!
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