Solitude 1964 TRACKCAMS rePack 1.0

3 TV sets + Original TV set rePack

  1. dodz27
    3 TV sets +Original TV set rePack for Solitude Rennstrecke 1964 ! :)

    Sorry for the track link but you can find the track easily on the it;)
    Hope you like it !!:whistling:

    some screenshots from trackcams (without any FOV changes):
    Screenshot_ks_porsche_991_carrera_s_solitude1964_25-11-116-1-12-22.jpg Screenshot_ks_porsche_991_carrera_s_solitude1964_25-11-116-1-18-15.jpg Screenshot_ks_porsche_991_carrera_s_solitude1964_25-11-116-1-18-52.jpg Screenshot_ks_porsche_991_carrera_s_solitude1964_25-11-116-1-21-46.jpg Screenshot_ks_porsche_991_carrera_s_solitude1964_25-11-116-1-25-33.jpg Screenshot_ks_porsche_991_carrera_s_solitude1964_25-11-116-4-52-39.jpg Screenshot_ks_porsche_991_carrera_s_solitude1964_25-11-116-4-59-34.jpg
    as usual, extract archive in:
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  1. Bert Austen
    Bert Austen
    Version: 1.0
    very nice , thanks
    1. dodz27
      Author's Response
      you're welcome ;)