Smart Rearview Mirror

Smart Rearview Mirror 1.1

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Great mod.

For those running AC in 2880 x 1620:

ac.setSize(app, 840, 500)

ac.setPosition(app, 1018, -170)
this should be in AC by default finally some one did it , i use 7680x1440 resolution triples, and to get the mirror in the middle and fit the virtual mirror this is what i had to change


ac.setSize(app, 749, 440)

ac.setPosition(app, 3465, -140)
Works but for some reason it always to far to the left in between the mirror and a pillar? How do I fix this? Thx
Thank you !!!

Resolution = 1440x900

Modify: apps\python\Smart_Rearview_Mirror/

ac.setSize(app, 468, 313)

ac.setPosition(app, 485, -85)
Thank you, that gives us more realism, great work.
Luxury indeed!!
Love it
very good idea but it does not work on a triple screen, display on the left screen and not on the central screen The mirror is transparent and does not display the image from behind. is it possible to make an update for the triple screen 5760x1080 or can I make a modification of the application files ???
Simple but well worthwhile addtition to AC. Thanks!
Great idea! Would be also possible to add the upper hanging side of the mirror frame, to mimick even more a real mirror?
I'm on it ;). That's the plan for next release.