1. EdL

    No mirror in the 720s

    Hi guys, another newb question but I can't get the virtual central mirror to show. Mirrors are on, num pad 3 toggle is set, but nothing happens? Thanks in advance!
  2. F

    Virtual mirror doesn't appear using Oculus Rift

    Before using Oculus Rift the virtual mirror worked. Now it doesn't appear any more, I already tried to change the [VIRTUAL_MIRROR] ACTIVE = 1 in the folder cfg, already tried to press F11 but I didn't have success. Another thing that doesn't work is the names of the drivers on top of the car...
  3. General_Failure

    Smart Rearview Mirror 1.1

    Smart Rearview Mirror v1.1 This app adds a realistic frame to the vanilla virtual mirror. ONLY FULL HD (1920x1080) support for now. Preview OFF/ON How to Install 1. Extract/unzip the file to your Assetto Corsa directory. 2. Now start Assetto Corsa and enable the app in the...
  4. PigeonBB

    Virtual Mirror 0.2

    Ride a truck, then are you scare on the right-side? It is a good idea to move the mouse... BUT, just hit [F10] key, popup the Virtual mirror! Even SATSUMA without right-side mirror will be displayed it. You can switch the mirror by pressing [F10] key several times. And, by pressing...
  5. P

    Mirrors Texture Bug?

    Hello guys, I am having AC 1.11 and had no troubles playing it what so ever, but last week I wanted to play AC again and suddenly the mirrors of the cars had no texture (im not really sure whether if it's a texture bug). Can you guys help me to get rid of those ''textures''? Thank You EDIT: If...
  6. I

    Mirror mirror on the wall, how can I set you AT ALL?!

    In stock car, I've moved the cockpit seat almost all the way forward. FOV is at 45. Now the virtual mirrors show the sky instead of behind me. So I've tried adjusting them with Alt, Ctrl and Shift. I also increased/decreased distance with ctrl+shift. I've tried everything, but at no point can...