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SimView v0.6

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Live leader-board and statistics Web App for Assetto Corsa

Currently in very early stage and far from complete but under continuous development.

Would be a valuable tool for communities/league of any size. It need to be setup by server admin on machine (Windows and Linux servers both supported) where AC server is running and require very minimal cpu / memory resources. After setup the App should be accessible to everyone. The included manual along with binaries files contains info to configure and get it running.

It works by collecting data from AC Server UDP plug-in and parsing logs files and storing in a database.

  • Live leader board for Practice, Qualification and Race sessions
  • Grouping of sessions into events
  • Save all data to DB to viewed later once event is completed
  • View standings, sector standings and stints for completed and live events
  • Support Teams events with driver swaps through entry_list.ini
  • View teams for a live event with livery preview

More awesome updates to come. Join Discord

Feel free to give feedback and report any bug :)


page-qualifying.png page-race.png result-practice-standing.png result-practice-sectors.png result-practice-stints.png page-events.png team-preview.png

Setup Tutorial and Demo

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Latest updates

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  2. Release v0.6

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  3. Release v0.5

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  4. Release v0.4

    ChangeLog Feature: Add result page to view past session data. It currently show standings...
  5. Release v0.3

    ChangeLog Enhacement: Support practice session live page Show car's manufacturer badge in the...

Latest reviews

Can't recommend this app enough for a livetiming solution. Timing is accurate, UI is lovely and works like a dream when running multiple servers. The creator has been fantastic with providing live support when needed too! Really looking forward to seeing future developments of this.