1. P

    SimView v0.6

    Live leader-board and statistics Web App for Assetto Corsa Currently in very early stage and far from complete but under continuous development. Would be a valuable tool for communities/league of any size. It need to be setup by server admin on machine (Windows and Linux servers both...
  2. N0tiC

    Satsuma Master 1.5.1

    Hello! Do you have a problem running the mod? Please post information HERE! Dont leave it as a review. Make sure you OWN the game on steam. I am not supporting pirated games. Game Versions: Stable (4393001/15.11.2019) Working. MSCLoader Versions: (1.1.4) Working. This project is no longer...
  3. H

    Updated driver stats (2016) 2017-01-03

    This is relatively simple it updates the race wins and podiums for every driver and comes with the option of reduced tire wear which I can't find the source, unfortunately. You can choose from the end of 2016 or the end of the 2013 season it is up to you. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE, any 2016...