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SILVERSTONE Track Day 2014 LaFerrari 1.1 FINAL

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Latest updates

  1. Added a high quality racesuit, upgraded the tyres to red pirelli and a general tidy up.

    WARNING Red pirelli tyres make you crash more. (not literally, I just prefer the white). If you...

Latest reviews

I too prefer the white pirelli tyres. If I dont have the previous version, can I still get it??
I like it!
A lovely "La Ferrrai" skin and the suit is wonderful especially the helmet :-D
Glad you like it.
Nice one, mate!!
A beautiful and wonderful work ;-) it possible that you make the stripes on the tires also in red please :-)
Stripes and Pirelli logo or just stripes??
super, thanks
Thanks for this Fine looking skin I'll check it out...................=)