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Skins SILVERSTONE Track Day 2014 LaFerrari 1.1 FINAL

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blackcelica submitted a new resource:

SILVERSTONE Track Day 2014 LaFerrari - The track day experience Laferrari of 2014

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My own personal car now available to share, Hotlap away in this beauty. Just unpack and copy into your cars\ferrari_laferrari\skins folder.....Enjoy
Comes with modified driver suit, helmet and gloves.

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Silverstone Driversuit RC1.jpg

Currently working on this race suit to go with it.
blackcelica updated SILVERSTONE Track Day 2014 LaFerrari with a new update entry:

Added a high quality racesuit, upgraded the tyres to red pirelli and a general tidy up.

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WARNING Red pirelli tyres make you crash more. (not literally, I just prefer the white).
If you have the previous version and want the new suit then don't forget to make a back up of the white pirelli's first.
(No ferraris were harmed in the making of this update...Lol)

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