Sidekick 1.11.1

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Great job, thanks for your work.
Finally decided to give it a try. Tidy, informative - just awesome. Well done Topuz.
For some reason some cars don't show brake temperature when braking. For me it is 458 Italia, but for example F40 shows it properly. Please take a look at it
Great app, absolutely essential. However, as of recently, it stopped showing brake temps while braking. Any idea how to get this back? I checked the settings, and it's enabled.
Nice and clean. I can see that you really thought about the UI and how to represent the info. Great job.
five stars
Just can't drive without now !
Still using and loving this app, an essential.
Very Nice!
thanks,very good!!!!
Really good Thanks a lot
Excellent app if you are looking for a compact, all-in-one solution.
The only app that is always present on my screen. A must have.
Great app.
to be honest, I think that race essentials is actually better than sidekick because it shows the exact values of rpm, boosts, and others. Hopefully, those will come to sidekick later.
love it! very simple and looks good, great job.
1. Instal the app
2. Play the DAFT PUNK - THE GAME HAS CHANGED while launching the Assetto
3. Enjoy

P.S. "Must have app. The King of all apps"
I used Sideckick for a while , but Ive built a new PC and miss Race Essentials if there is a way to get it please send me a message . I dont mind if its a old version .
A verry good app. Keep going :)
I personally don't understand why the author abandoned RaceEssentials App and started this one. The only advantage over RaceEssentials is it's smaller size, and that's it.

- You don't have labels. How do you tell what info is on the screen?
- Cycling information in the same slot is a terrible idea, because you have too look at it for few seconds to see information you need. Forget about driving, just look at the app and wait when your tire temps appear on the screen. Terrible, terrible idea!

I don't like it. Still using the RaceEssentials, which is great!
Thank you for this very interesting review.
Awesome work Bro ...Thanks
It's not as visually pleasing as Rivali OV1, but I really like the polished feeling of this app and also the minimalistic style that condenses every important piece of information about the state of the car and presents it to you. It's also very customizable. Basically a must for any driver that still uses the awful default Essentials app.
Best all in one App.. THX ..good Job
very handy thanks
thank you. very good job.
This is what i would call... Essential :)
Great app. Tx.
Very nice app - just one issue for low revving cars like the SF70-H, your range for the yellow-red rev warning lights needs to be more like 60-100 than 80-100.
Brilliant app! Great job!
Very nice App, all information in one place
This app it's essential just use it !
must have for me now
Essential AC app!
Love it! Only improvements welcome would be FPS otimization [priority] and thickening the bar that changes colour on gear changes.
Amazing app, I used fand still use always,.
What is "Ai control invalidates lap"? thanks
Best App!!
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