Satsuma Skin - MSC 420 Pack - Stoner Car Skin,Weed Posters and Stoned Jesus Falg 2017-12-16

Satsuma Stoner Skin

  1. !ronM!k3

    Copy all the contents of the zip file to your "my summer car\Images" dir.

    (C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Images)

    To ensure it's working, hit F5 at the main menu, if you see the satsuma skin than it's working.

    Spray Fenders and Spoiler Black (not the matt black) :)

    20171215190207_1.jpg 20171216030829_1.jpg 20171216030825_1.jpg 20171216031637_1.jpg 20171216031538_1.jpg 20171216031525_1.jpg 20171216031501_1.jpg
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