1. LUXE3X

    My Summer Car Save Game 2021 12-08-21

    Save Game My Summer Car °Caracteristicas° 1. 500,000k De Dinero 2. Satsuma Con Todas Las Partes de aftermarket de mejora 3. Un Monton De Comida 4. 3 Juegos de Rines Con Sus Gomas 5. Llaves De Todos Los Vehiculos [exepto el ruscko] 6. Cabaña De Pigman Y El Ruscko No Ganados 7.Muchas Partes Para...
  2. L

    My Summer Car Multiple Choise Save Games (Survival/Powerful Satsuma) v1.0

    ★★★MY SUMMER CAR SAVE GAME★★★ -In this save, you have got 3 choises: 1-'Survival Save' 2-'Turbo Satsuma 1 Save' 3-'Turbo Satsuma 2 Save' 1- This is a survival save game for My Summer Car. You have got 2889mk money, some food, beer and cigarette to keep surviving and playing. - You have keys...
  3. T

    Satsuma doesn´t start up (14.10.2019) 2019-10-14

    Okay, so i got hit by the train and now the satsuma wont start up. The car lost a few part (bumpers, fenders and the muffler) i put them on the car and flew it to fleetari (cuz it didn´t start up), and fixed the broken engine parts but it didn´t help. I tried opening the engine and finding...
  4. Foolish

    My Summer Car Save Game (Tuned with infinite money) 2.02

    This is a Sav File with a fully tuned Satsuma and Infinite Money, Ruscko is Next to the house, Poop Truck Is Near the store, Boat is at the house, Satsuma in the garage, Van in the driveway. All Parts Bought all tires are Road tires, All rims bought as well as car parts, the car has been tuned...
  5. T

    Marvel skin for satsuma 2018-11-19

    Marvel skin for satsuma, my first skin easy on the hate :) enjoy though i like it doing pokemon next.. 1. put car.png in images in your root my summer car folder 2. run the game 3. MUST HAVE CUSTOM PAINT JOB FROM FLEETARI