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RSS Porsche 996 / GTN Darche 96 Apple SEMA Livery

RSS Porsche 996 / GTN Darche 96 Apple SEMA Livery 1.1

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Livery based on the Apple Porsche that was displayed at SEMA in 2013.
I made a version of this skin a while back for a 996 and I like the idea of Race cars on the road so thought the RSS Darche would look good wearing this skin too.
Included is a car config made by @UolterUait and the awesome photos are from him too. If you want another great road car skin for an RSS car go grab this
Thanks as always to him and can't forget @Sylana, for their feedback as i always miss things and they are there to point out any mistakes i make - appreciate the help :D

To install just drag the contents file into your main AC folder

Please check out my other creations here My Liveries

If you need the car it can be found here RSS GT-n Pack

And if you are feeling in a giving mood then I would really appreciate it if you considered making a small donation towards my tea and biscuits fund - I've run out of Jam Creams and they help fuel me on those long nights of painting cars on the computer. :D

Thank you for checking my skin out and enjoy :thumbsup:


Latest updates

  1. Removed ext_config From Main Folder and Added to Skin Folder

    The included ext_config doesn't overwrite the RSS one but adds new lines to it so it is safe to...

Latest reviews

Just grabbed this so I needed to drop a review. Personally I would have preferred if it had some sponsors reminiscent of the 935 but I can respect a clean design. Good work.
Thanks for leaving a review and for the stars. As for this one, It's a road car skin based on the SEMA Porsche so no sponsors on this one. Keep em peeled as I may do one with logos in the future based on the 935 in the future
Awesome, thanks for the review and stars. Thanks for making those pics too :) They look pretty good and different to most screens I see. If you post them anywhere can you link to these skins please.
Very cool, seems that the crowd here is getting younger and younger. This was a livery from 1979 Porsche 935 of Bobby Rahal and Bob Garretson from the Dick Barbour Team. I love this livery, you did a great job. I will send you a photo of the car I'm referring to.
Awesome, thanks for leaving a review and for the stars. And for the little bit of history - always good to read about the original cars these liveries come from :)
nice! but why do you have ext_config.ini? what does it replace from the original one? I'm afraid to overwrite it.
Thank you for leaving the review and stars :) As for the config, it improves Paint, materials, brakes. The config adds new lines to the RSS one but you can just add the ext_config.ini to my skin folder instead - that way it will only affect my skin.
Great mod, great skin for it - thanks MrBoo (now I feel like eating an apple) lol
Just buy a mac instead...you know you want to ;-) Thanks for the review and stars too :)
Great skin :)
Thank you for the stars and for the feedback and help - always appreciated :)
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