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RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 | McLaren Concept

RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 | McLaren Concept 1

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Mclaren2022 side taylur.jpg
Mclaren 2022 rear iso.jpg
Mclaren 2022 front tilt taylur.jpg

Hi All,

2022 McLaren livery inspired by the classic Gulf liveries, but with a modern look. I feel the 2021 McLaren looks good with the blue and orange scheme, just a little step further towards resurrecting this blue and orange combo. I've gone for the matte finish, as the 2021 car, with mainly mono logos to try and stick with their current "minimal" look.

As always let me know what you think! Or even what you want to see next.

Drop livery folder in the usual place for RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 and enjoy.


- Driver/crew/helmet etc are standard RSS skins
- I gave the wheel a Pirelli P zero hard skin, if you want to remove this and go back to the RSS originals then remove/replace the RSS_T.dds and RSS_T_Blur.dds with those from another skin

More of an Aston Martin fan, check out my Aston livery at https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rss-formula-hybrid-x-2022-aston-martin-concept.41532/

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Great work, nice skin Mc Laren.
Thank you ;)
Thank you !
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