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RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 | McLaren Concept

Skins RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 | McLaren Concept 1

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Taylur submitted a new resource:

RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 | McLaren Concept - McLaren livery for RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022

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Hi All,

2022 McLaren livery inspired by the classic Gulf liveries, but with a modern look. I feel the 2021 McLaren looks good with the blue and orange scheme, just a little step further towards resurrecting this blue and orange combo. I've gone for the matte finish, as the 2021 car, with mainly mono logos to try and stick with their current "minimal" look.

As always let me know...

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hi ive seen a few of ur liveries on here and theyre great (nice job predicting the future w this one lmao) . i'm doing a project with this model and just cant figure out what goes where on the map, if its not too much to ask could you please help me with that and maybe the process? I'm using photoshop and the 3D template off of the RSS website. thank u
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