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RSS FH 21 | Marussia F1 Team

RSS FH 21 | Marussia F1 Team 1.0

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I present the OG Russian F1 Team. Forget UralKali Haas F1 Team™ - this is the real deal: Marussia F1.
Since the Team is from Russia, both drivers are too: Daniil Kvyat (#26) and Robert Shwartzman (#35).
Included are custom Pit crew textures, driver suits and gloves aswell as ACSPRH helmets (including the 3d models, so no separate download is necessary if you don't use this mod yet.). They are loosely based on the drivers' current designs, but adapted to their new teams. I also created some other textures no one is ever going to notice, but they're there anyways.

I've worked on this on and off for a bit now, I do consider it finished - just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix, where Marussia scored their first ever F1 points!


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I used to always drive for Marussia in the older F1 games. Nice to see them come to this car!
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