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ACSPRH | Real Helmets For Assetto Corsa

ACSPRH | Real Helmets For Assetto Corsa 4.3

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ACSPRH | Real Helmets For Assetto Corsa

Important: if you upload skins for these helmets I strongly recommend to upload also an ext_config.ini file already coded and also to upload the models that are used by the skins. This way will be much easier for everyone.
Screenshot_2021-03-31 ASCII Tree Generator.png

Here's an example of how you should set up your folder tree inside the .rar

Finally, with the new Shader Patch update it's possible to change helmets for each skin. This means that every driver can have his custom helmet, adding more realism to the game.
All the instructions are in the readme file and in the texture guide.

How to load helmets in CM Showroom: copy the files from 'content\cars' to 'assettocorsa\content\cars'. This way you can open them with CM Showroom as you do with cars. Thanks to @CC for suggesting this method.

Since it has been updated with new driver model you have to skip the video part about gloves and suit, the rest is the same.

Special thanks:
@jvinu2000 for letting me use his models
@CC for his help
@JSoria for making all 2021 textures

If you find any bug or problem please report them in the Support section. Ask there also if you have any question.

Have fun!:)




Latest updates

  1. Bell model updated and minor fixes

    Updated Bell model with new smaller visor (note: texture are the same, nothing needs to be...
  2. Updated helmets positions and angles

    Fixed positions and angles of all helmets for more realism. Thanks to @asehauDLM for the suggetions!
  3. Added files to load helmets in the showroom

    Now it's possible to check your skins in the showroom. To do this you just need to copy the...

Latest reviews

I loved your work. I took the 3d psd of the arai helmet and removed the tape on top of the visor and made my own colour scheme, but now I don't know how to export it properly and where to put it in.Can you please help me? <3
Thank you so much for the latest updates, the helmets are perfect now! And that new Bell model looks fantastic!
Perfect, thanks :)
I installed this mod for the first time and it gave me an error on the bell 2019(2) saying that it was already installed. really no idea why this happened but if It can be fixed I'm happy to leave a 5 star review.
Always perfect!
Absolutely Stunning!! 5 Stars is the bare minimum!
I think that the stripe on the Arai helmet is too big in comparison to real life like Vettel's helmet. Anyway, good job :)
Thanks for the review :) Anyway helmets are still based on old regulations just without visor protection so they're not 100% accurate.
Thanks! it's Helmets Heaven
5 stars because I never rated and this is such a good mod. Thank you :)
Thank you very much!
Amazing job.

For me, the helmets are using a default skin (white). I don't know what to do
Great Job
Outstanding is all I’m going to say thank you :D
Excellent work! the models are perfect, Thanks.
An amazing alternative to the default helmets!
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68.9 MB
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User rating
4.68 star(s) 31 ratings

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