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robert shwartzman

  1. Conguito_

    RSS FH 21 | Marussia F1 Team 1.0

    I present the OG Russian F1 Team. Forget UralKali Haas F1 Team™ - this is the real deal: Marussia F1. Since the Team is from Russia, both drivers are too: Daniil Kvyat (#26) and Robert Shwartzman (#35). Included are custom Pit crew textures, driver suits and gloves aswell as ACSPRH helmets...
  2. Rikkies

    Robert Shwartzman ACSPRH V1.0

  3. Timonike44

    Ferrari SF71H - 2021 Fiorano Test Skin Pack 0.2

    This skin pack aims to re-create the liveries used by the Ferrari drivers that participated in the pre-season Fiorano test in the SF71H! This pack is designed to be used with the Ferrari SF71H by ACR. Check out their Facebook page to get your hands on the mod! (Also linked in the below video's...