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Round the World Challenge using the exciting Guerilla Mods Toyota S-FR car

Round the World Challenge using the exciting Guerilla Mods Toyota S-FR car 1.2

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Please check updates as all future uploads will be individually added to existing location to make downloading quicker for additional components

Hi Simracers
With the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandamic still affecting the world I created a 'Fun and Frantic - Round the World Challenge using the excellent Geurilla Mods Toyota S-FR car' featuring tracks from 14 initial countries. Hopefully, this will entertain you during these unsettling times.

At the moment there are 37 country skins and 17 Tracks.
The tracks are mainly street circuits (original details can be found in the track UI folder)
__custom_showroom_1613860496 (Large).jpg __custom_showroom_1613952101 (Large).jpg 02_rtw_france (Large).jpg 09_rtw_australia (Large).jpg 05_rtw_azerbaijan (Large).jpg 12_rtw_germany (Large).jpg 03_rtw_greatbritain (Large).jpg 13_rtw_japan.jpg 08_rtw_china (Large).jpg 14_rtw_portugal (Large).jpg 04_rtw_czechrepublic (Large).jpg 07_rtw_singapore (Large).jpg 11_rtw_unitedstates.kn5 (Large).jpg 16_rtw_belgium (Large).jpg

All file links can be found via the 'readme file' in the download and are in one folder and ZIP file (RTWC Championship_gdrive.zip) for ease of use

Individual Track files and components now availble if you want to download smaller chunks

If you spot any errors, please give me a personal 'discussion' message before rating the mod - Thanks

  1. Drag the champs folder into; Your PC > documents > assetto corsa folder (When you run Assetto Corsa or Content Manager you will find it under Drive/Single/Championships 'Toyota S-FR Club Round The World Challenge'

  2. Drag the track(s) folder(s) into; Your PC >:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks

  3. Drag the content folder into; Your PC > SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

  4. Shaders: Drag contents into YourPC:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

  5. Drag the screens folder into; Your PC > documents > assetto corsa folder (Provides background loading screen for each race

  6. Leaderboard, Drag and drop in Content Manager to install. Note: must be switched on in Content Manager>Settings>Assetto Corsa>Apps
Weather Plans: Some random and fixed weather plans I put together for my custom championships and track weekends. Note Turn off seasonable adjustment under WeatherFX CSP Settings for my random/weather plans to work
  1. Drag and drop my weather plans folder to; YourPc:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\extension\weather-controllers\sol\Activated from SOL PLAN SELECTOR Dynamic weather plan on right side of the screen when racing

I set the championship up as a Novice/average level for myself and family to enjoy but you can amend this to suit your own level and progression - It also works online via the AC Server.

You can also use it as a Pic n Mix season (See PicnMix 'readme in download plus video help below)

All tracks updated to include 'Self Contained Tracks' which include updated Rainfx, lights, track skins and extension files together with the latest skins and driver/country grids for 16-24 cars.

Also included are the F1 Leaderboard which is also good for GT races (max 24 cars). and individual race week loading screens plus Weather plans for random weather during races

These videos will assist you in how to amend the championshp either before first use or after it has been started and you wish to change something

Watch This to help with ammending/Swapping tracks etc

Watch this for 'How to Modify without losing your Race Data'

As ever - please recognise all the hard work done by the mod community to support any future development - Thank you

Hope you enjoy it and any constructive comments gratefully received

If you spot any errors, please give me a personal 'discussion' message before rating the mod - Thanks

Stay safe and healthy.

#KeepOnRacing #WeRaceAsOne #ACMods #Simracing

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    10_rtw_brazil (Large).jpg
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  1. Round the World Challenge additional track requests and video intro

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  2. All skins updated to reflect working rear lights for night racing

    Link to skins here...
  3. Italy added plus minor errors corrected

Latest reviews

Thanks a lot for sharing all these championships with us!
Great effort mate, this is why this community is so incredible.
fantastic work Cozy!!!
good job !
I can't thank you enough for this. Nice work
thx bro.... where to get the tracks ?
Hi, Link in 1st readme file in download
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