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Rokit Williams Racing Team BMW (Custom team package)

Rokit Williams Racing Team BMW (Custom team package) 2019-10-05

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Hello there :)

For context for this mode: BMW comes back to F1 in 2019. Saving the Williams team on the verge of collapsing with a big investment during the summer break (and brings my driver in the team, huge boost in development), they help the team reaching best of the rest by the end of the season and have one of the best cars with their improvements in the chassis and aero departments. During that period, BMW was also developing its own F1 engine during the season, even though Williams was still using the Mercedes one.

And that's is 2020 when Williams and BMW enter a full partnership, when Williams decides to start using the BMW engine as well. Bringing with them a whole lot of new sponsors.
Yes, I like to add loads of lore to my career modes in sports games.

Anyways, I decided to make a BMW re-skin for the Williams team!

Now, disclaimer: Some of you probably already know, but the Williams paint file that allows us to change the livery is completely broken. This is was the car was supposed to look like: bmw.PNG
Yet I can't add any red, nor use the BMW M-Series color as I expected. The actual livery is now a kind-of-fixed version of this livery... Some stuff, like the driver's suit or gloves, are still in the color scheme or the M colored car.

Also, the numbers 28 (mine) and 5 (Vettel is in Williams in my career) are custom-made for the pack, I added the number palette I used for this (took in on google, only thing I changed on it is the colors) in the zip file if you want to make your own numbers :)

Hope you guys like it :)
Huge thanks to jburon72 for his help and his super useful Cars 3D model for Photoshop! I'm sure you already know it but you can find it here! https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2019-cars-3d-model-for-photoshop.27469/

It is only the .dds files so you need Ego ERP Archiver for it. Sorry for the inconvenience to those not used to it :/
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