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team package

  1. Flitz17

    Rokit Williams Racing Team BMW (Custom team package) 2019-10-05

    Hello there :) For context for this mode: BMW comes back to F1 in 2019. Saving the Williams team on the verge of collapsing with a big investment during the summer break (and brings my driver in the team, huge boost in development), they help the team reaching best of the rest by the end of the...
  2. TimeOut73

    Volkswagen F1 Team (Full Team Package) 2.0

    Volkswagen F1 Team (replaces Williams) This mod replaces Williams Racing with a fantasy Volkswagen Formula 1 Team. Car: Driver suits: Garagecrew: Hospitality: Truck:
  3. Markus99

    Lotus F1 Team 1.1

    Hey everyone, in F1 2015 many modders have created a upcoming Renault skin for the Lotus car, now I've turned the table and created a Lotus skin based on the Renault. : D This Lotus skin is based on the Lotus E23 Hybrid, but you will see that there are missing red parts, that is because it...