Rebellion Racing F1 Team Concept 1.0

A concept of a Rebellion F1 Team

  1. SamtheStupid
    So after making the Rebellion livery for another sim I thought it'd look good on the Formula Hybrid, and so here is the result.:D
    Screenshot_rss_formula_hybrid_2018_sveg_9-7-118-2-56-28.jpg Screenshot_rss_formula_hybrid_2018_sveg_9-7-118-2-57-13.jpg
    Drivers included
    -Bruno Senna #21
    -Andre Lotterer #45
    -Neel Jani #40
    -Jenson Button #22 (Helmet from ChargingCar's template)


    To install drag the contents from the '4K Uncompressed' folder into the skins folder of the 2018 Formula Hybrid.
    If using the '4K compressed' or '2K' skins install them after the 4K Uncompressed as they overwrite the chassis_p file.

    Enjoy ;)


    1. __custom_showroom_1531063743.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. zenasy
    Version: 1.0
    Another great skin for this car...what else is there to say
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