RBS 1.13 (Real Billboards & Stuff) new Winter Monza 1.0 and Autumn Nords 1.1 by JW modding

RBS 1.13 (Real Billboards & Stuff) new Winter Monza 1.0 and Autumn Nords 1.1 by JW modding 1.13

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RBS (Real Billboards & Stuff) change all textures on billboards, flags, ambulances and more stuff... (Always limited for work on 3D modeling, mirror effects and others issues.)

All textures from Kunos, (Assetto Corsa and other textures) now they have been replaced for real brands, official partners, logos and desings of 2016/2017.

Remember: Before installing - please remove prior version completely

unpack the .rar file into the main AC folder. Then, run JGSME.exe and activate the preferred mods from the available list.

There are two different options:
There are three different options:

1. Autumn Nords 1.0: Trees, grass and bushes changed to autumn season textures. New graffiti asphalt, walls and armco textures and modifications for advertisement panels.

2. Real Billboards & Stuff 1.10 Textures: Upgraded most of the default Kunos textures, no new objects or files added. RSR time living app and online compatible. It is compatible with Winter Nords mod 1.1

3.Winter Monza 1.0: Trees, grass and bushes changed to winter season textures. (NEW)

All of them are online compatible, and with apps such as RSR Time Live o SRS, with no "checksum error" issues or eventual bans.

To uninstall any of the mods and get Assetto Corsa back to the deafult content, run JSGME.exe and uncheck the active mods.
If you have installed RBS (Real Billboards & Stuff) you will get the following message


Don't worry about anything. Just click "YES" and nothing will happen. There are no conflicts in any way. All compatible.

For any questions, feel free to contact us.

*This is only textures and some .kn5 files. Not full tracks*
This mod has been created and tested using the following mods and apps we strongly recommend:

-Content Manager by AssettoCorsa.club
-Good and bad weathers 3.0 by Peter Boese
-Natural Graphics Mod 3.8 by Chris Kennedy
-Wagnum's Graphics Mod 7.4 by WagnumPI

Thanks all betatesters and friends who support us and help developing this mod.

Chris Kennedy aka Ears1991, Peter Boese, Andrea Lolejo, Andrea Zorzetto, F430_458_F12, Chazz Ranger, Kelnor34,Tino66, Sascha Guenther, Alexandr66, some "shurmanos" from Forocoches, and finally to Sospel and the guys of "One Lap Heroes" and "Españoles por Nurburgring" for this big help with visual documentation.

If you enjoy our work, this is our Paypal account: click on "donate"

Thanks! :)

NEW v1.13 some screenshots:













Some 1.12 "Highlands" Screenshots:





Video on Highland ( thanks @Kajot2111 )

Old versions textures comparison screenshots:







And the option of Autumn Nordschleife



Thanks for Download

Latest updates

  1. Big 2016/2017 RBS update and Winter Monza season track add

    REMEMBER DELETE PREVIOUS "MOD" FOLDER!! Changelog 1.13: -New Winter Monza texture pack...
  2. Add missed textures and corrected text in "Eau Rouge mythical corner". Rogue no more. Apologies

    Now, the missed textures on nurburgring pit wall and building are added. Also "Eau Rouge mythic...
  3. Welcome to the Highlands! (and too, some new work and fixes)

    REMEMBER DELETE PREVIOUS "MOD" FOLDER!! Changelog 1.12: - deleted "Real Billboards & Stuff...

Latest reviews

STUNNING! Nord looks amazing like that....Best mod i have ever seen for AC uhhh Could you make this for all tracks? and maybe a spring version???? with flowers on the trees??????? PLEASE LOL
not working for me, I only have posters in a single track, in some I have 1 or 2 that are repeated too much, I guess an update is missing? only happens to me? the only track that works for me is monza 66, now I can't even uninstall it (not even deleting the mod folder) I don't know where it copies the files.., good mod but seems broken
Great Mod
A great improvement to the excellent work done by Kunos. Very accurate details. This review is a must read: https://www.tiiips.com/m/tiiips/home?action=viewObject&oID=25544
0k Thanks
WOW!!! perfect mod, please next year update all track, AC ultimate edition.-
gracias maquina
Winter Monza is up there with Donington and Feldberg. The best looking track on AC.
Say quick question. I'm diving deep into this mod (as well as others mentioned) and was wondering how much does time of day setting play in getting the utmost out of a filter? Also thank you for all your hard work. I will contribute soon!
this work must be paid by kunos..10 stars
Talk with @lordkunos xDD
Thanks, man! I'm only using the billboards mod, but it's game changing. Much appreciated.
btw it there any chance to make an autumn version (like when Petit LeMans http://archive2.dailysportscar.com/published/74A16084-C976-D8C7-30B8839FD970DF7F/thursam03.jpg@) for beautiful Road Atlanta mod https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/road-atlanta-2017.18293/
love this Mod but it reminds me more of spring than winter with some leaves starting to form, i did a comparison video of all the seasons at monza with yours included, hope you like it (",)
This is a transformative mod. It makes AC even better. The mind boggles at how much work was involved. Thank you.
please make more winter tracks like Monza it looks so cool

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