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RBS 1.13 (Real Billboards & Stuff) new Winter Monza 1.0 and Autumn Nords 1.1 by JW modding

RBS 1.13 (Real Billboards & Stuff) new Winter Monza 1.0 and Autumn Nords 1.1 by JW modding 1.13

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Changelog 1.13:

-New Winter Monza texture pack including new trees, grass and bushes textures. Ideal for winter test ;)

-New logos and billboards for Drift track. "HKS", "Gram Lights Rays", "Nitto", "Bride", "Toyo Tires", "AEM"

-Updated horizon texture for Drift track.

-New HD texture for trees at Drift track.

-New "Silea" texture for Imola last bridge.

-New HD Ayrton Senna tribute poster at Imola.

-Updated Italian flag on kerbs texture at Imola.

-Updated Brazilian flag texture at Imola's Senna memorial.

-Revised Pirelli flag texture at Imola.

-Updated horizon texture at Barcelona.

-Revised design for "Catalonia is your home" billoard at Barcelona start/finish line and tower.

-New "State Farm", "Geico", "Rolex", "Burguer King" billboards at Black Cat County.

-Changed tree texture at Drag.

-Added blue hue for Highlands one way sign.

-Upgraded color and hue for Higlands' horizon texture.

-New "AMG 50 years" texture for advert on Brünchen corner at Nordschleife.

-Added "Tüv Baldringen" grafitti for white wall on Ex-Mühle area at Nordschleife.

-Added and upgraded new adverts and billboards for Nordschleife Touristenfahrten parking. For example "Bilstein", "Vulkane FEL SPA", "Driving Academy", "price list", entry map, track access point, and much more.

-Addedd "Españoles x Nur" graffiti on Bilstein bridge at Nordschleife.

-Added "One Lap Heroes" graffitis on asphalt, Karrusel fence and cobblestones.

-New desing at Start/Finish billboard at Nurburgring. "BMW M POWER"

-Upgraded HD "Michael Schumacher" poster for that corner at Nurburgring.

-Upgraded Veedol texture at Nurburgring.

-New billboards at RedBull Ring. "OMV Maxx Motion", "Tag Heuer" in Start/Finish line, "Rauch", "Voestalpine"

-Changed horizon texture at RedBull Ring.

-Upgraded color and contrast for Silverstone billboards.

-Upgrade black tone on Silverstone Kerbs.

-Revised "McLaren 720S" advert for Vallelunga's last corner, based on Mclaren test at the track from this year.

-Added new designs for Hugenholtz corner at Zandvoort. "Motors TV", "Jabe Reclame"

-Added new Zandvoort logo texture at the start/finish line.

-New Zandvoort logo for track's flags.

-Zandvoort's podium desing revised.

-New Zandvoort logo for the grandstand area.

-New "Collé" billboard for Zandvoort.

-New "Monroe" billboard texture for Magione.

-Revised design for Monza GP's billboards, "Sparco", "OZ Racing", "CEBA Ingranaggi", "Brembo", "Fontana Gruppo", "Magneti Marelli"

-New Monza GP flags. "Sparco", "OZ Racing"

-New metallic textura for "Brembo" billboard at Monza GP.

-Upgraded Monza GP's horizon texture.

-New texture for Biassono corner antenna at Monza GP.

-Upgraded Mugello's pitwall textures.

-New Mugello's horizon texture.

-Upgraded wall texture for Eau rouge area at Spa.

-New marshalls textures for 16 official tracks.

-Revised Pitcrew wall textures. "Dell monitor", "new info on screen"

-New textures for all TV screens on trucks and statics. "Eurosports"

-Many other textures optimization from old mod versions.

Feel free to comment, make suggestions or advise on anything :)
Now, the missed textures on nurburgring pit wall and building are added.

Also "Eau Rouge mythic corner" has corrected text.

Sorry for the inconveniences. :(

Changelog 1.12:
- deleted "Real Billboards & Stuff Objects", avoiding in this way, confusions and problems of installation.

- changed textures on new track "Highlands" on billboards, brake distance indicators, faces and suit on marshalls, marshall stand, flags, some buildings, some advertising on walls, pubs/restaurants billboards, based on real logos from Scotland.


















- upgraded Imola curbs according to 2016 version with italian flag.

- several improvements have been improved in the satellite texture of Imola.


- changed design on wall and billboards of the pit area on Nurburgring, according to 2016 version.


- changed texture on big tent of Nordschleife. As tribute to the motorshow, The Grand Tour.


- changed color on pit wall in Silverstone, according to 2016 desing.


- changed texture on Mugello's skybox. Less pixelated and with more details.


- changed textures on towers, buildings and other materials on Spa, according to 2016 version.

- upgrade billboards and flags on Spa, according 2016 version.



- and finally, fixed grass issue in Schumacher's corner of Nurburgring GP in "Autumn Nords" mod. ;)

Changelog 1.10:

- removed all intro videos so make mod size smaller

- more compressed files to boost performance and save HDD space

- removed the texture folder from RBS 1.10 Objects mod to avoid issues in case Autumn Nords is active. If you want to use these textures, choose RBS 1.10 Textures mod instead

- new texture on billboard for Nordscheifle Karrusel corner, based on the 2016 actual one

- new texture for Monza S/F straight area, close to the pitwall, based on the 2016 ads

- removed JSGME.ini (sorry, rush is bad for packaging files)

- Now objects and textures mods are individual, so users are able to choose installing just one of them or both



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Real Billboards & Stuff "RBS" 1.9 and Autumn Nords by JW Modding for Assetto Corsa v1.10.1

WARNING: if any previous "Real Billboards" mod version is already installed, please delete those files from the MODS folder before starting the installation.

Installation instructions: unpack the .rar file into the main AC folder. Then, run JGSME.exe and activate the preferred mods from the available list.

There are three different options:

1. Autumn Nords 1.0: changed textures for trees, grass, and bushes to Autumn season. New track grafittis on road, walls, armco and modified billboards.
2. Real Billboards & Stuff 1.9 With Objects: Add the option to upgrade the original tracks with new billboards, ads and much more stuff. New objects including hot balloons, fire trucks and more.
4. Real Billboards & Stuff 1.9 No Objects: Only upgraded textures from Kunos originals tracks with no extra files or new objects.

All of them are online compatible, and with apps such as RSR Time Live o SRS, with no "checksum error" issues or eventual bans.

To uninstall any of the mods and get Assetto Corsa back to the deafult content, run JSGME.exe and uncheck the active mods.

For any questions, feel free to contact us.


Changelog 1.9:

- added compatibility with RSR time living, SRS and most of the servers which got issues with models.ini and .KN5 files modification

- added Autumn version of the legendary Nordscheifle track and its different layouts

- new preview tracks images for the modded tracks, different from the default track ones

- new textures for track marshalls such as faces and clothing, personalized by track

- changed default Monza '60 and Silverstone '67 21st century style crowd textures, for others more suitable for 1960s

- changed several graffitis at Nordscheifle track regarding Kunos and Assetto Corsa, trying to recreate the actual ones

- added Italian Drag Racing billboards to the walls and signals at the Drag strip

- new HD texture for the Dunlop tower at Nurburgring track

- upgraded billboards from the parking and external area at Nordscheifle track. Based on 2016 pics and videos.

- added "Route 66: Arizona" texture for the Black Cat County track asphalt, all layouts

- upgraded Silverstone curbs according to 2016 version with black & white colour

- upgraded wall of International Pit Straight Silverstone to 2016 version with red colour

- upgraded horizon textures for several tracks

- new textures for vehicles, pitboxes, particular buildings and more objects for every track

- upgraded textures from the previous mod version, new tone, colour and design

- various minor fixes

Here's the correct ones, delete all old files and install this.

Sorry for the mistake and thank you for downloading my mod. :)

PS: Please review to let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions?

Regards, J.
I made a quick pack for fix the launch problem on Monza '66, and also added hot air balloons on Drag track.

Just extract the content of the RAR on the Assetto Corsa root directory and replace.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

PS: Coming Soon, update ;)