Shurvision Visual Mod by Joshkerr

Shurvision Visual Mod by Joshkerr 1.01

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Installation: unzip files and we will see three folds.

- Visual Mods
- Reshade+SweetFX
- Cloud textures (pack by Ben Lee)

We are going to focus in the folder "Visual Mods", whose content has "MODS", "system" and "JSGME.exe".

We have to copy both folders and the executable, and we will put into the folder where we have the executable of Assetto Corsa.

We will see that we have added the folders and the executable.

Inside "MODS" folder, there are the visual improvements that "Shurvision Weather" offers regarding Kunos base-files.

Inside "system" folder, there are the seven "AC-Shurvision" post-process filters.

To activate them, we will run "JSGME.exe", then, when a window appears, we have to click "OK" and should appear another window.

In this new window, we only have to select "Shurvision Weather" and click an arrow that it will be showed.

We will see that automatically it is showed at the right, under "Activated Mods".

We will click into "Close" button.

Hence, it was created a new file called "JSGME.ini" and some original file's backups.

If you don't like the mod result, you can always disable following the same instructions, but in the other way.

In case of filters didn't appear, we have to copy "system" folder and put it into the properly path where AC is installed.

Filters can be used without using "Shurvision Mod" tweak, but I don't guarantee that it will be showed exactly equal than if you install it.

The same thing happens with the mod. You could see it better or worst (it's up to you).

To select a weather, go to summary on race menu, and select one from the list below

The descriptions of the climate/weather are:

01 Heavy Fog
Cloudy sky with heavy fog

02 Light Fog
Cloudy sky with light fog

03 Clear
Clear sky without clouds. It has a more realisitc blue color.

04 Cloudy
Sky with light clouds, tonality and light improved.

05 Overcast
Cloud sky, with blue-cloudy tonality and a greyish atmosphere.

06 Heavy Overcast
Overcast sky with heavy gray clouds.

07 Storm
Sky that only need lightning and thunders. It is not the best made.

08 Night
Only use in night tracks, like Yas Marina Night Circuit.

(With flare pp)

The aim of the seven PP filters is simple, it only changes the parameters of the Depth of Field and some effects.

AC-Shurvision basic: it barely has an effect in DoF (Depth of Field), we recommend it to computers with low performance.


AC-Shurvision Flare: includes "light flare" effect, emphatising brightness and lights, it makes a more cinematographic experience.


AC-Shurvision Molon: it has an improved quality in the DoF effect, it gives a little more realistic effect.


AC-Shurvision Photo: it has the more accentuated DopF effect, it is oriented to make awesome screenshots.


AC-Shurvision Sepia: as the name says, the tonality of the image has a sepia effect, like old photos and films.


AC-Shurvision Vintage: the colour of the image has a retro color, keeping the realistic DoF of "Molon".


AC-Shurvision Warm: the tonality of the images is warmer than the others related to the colour, recommended to desert tracks.


Video by DeXteRrBDN with my visual mod

Some Screenshots

Advices and warnings:

-Visual mod works well in all official tracks and mods with AAA quality. I don't guarantee that it will be work well either in all mod tracks nor all cars.

-Use cloud pack included. Only copy, paste and replace, if it is required.

-In game settings, you have to activate all post processing effects and have it in "High" at least, althought weather will work without PP, it works well.

-I use to play at 11:00, 12:30, 14:00, 16:00 and 17:30.

-Use SweetFX and Reshade. It improves a few visual parameters.

Their installation is simple:

Delete all files and folders from SweetFX that you have right now to avoid incompatibilities.

Copy the contents of Reshade+SweetFX folder where the AC executable is. When the track and cars are loading, it should show some messages saying that the options are going to activate.

Always are activated, to desactive, press Scroll Lock key. To make screenshots, press Print Screen.

If the screenshots made with SweetFX didn't appear or they don't have the effect, you must use "Fraps" or "MIS Afterburner" or Shadowplay to do the screenshots and videos.

The Yas Marina Night track is creation of TTM75 and you could find here:

Works on Windows7/Vista/8 and 8.1

I hope that you love it. If you have any doubt or question, ask me.


Latest updates

  1. new parameters

    Change some parameters

Latest reviews

Complete screwed over my visuals so it was so bright I couldn't see even though I followed the instructions to a T. Did the uninstall process and the visuals are still broken.
Good Job
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 1.01
i always love to use different pp filters but the screen shot u have taken and i see on my computer is a way too much different..i believe this is because of smthing wrong in my setup..i disabled reshade and set color saturation to %100 and other mods but these filters still give me terrible pls Someone help me what should be caused to this ?
good but the light flare is unrealistic
Thanks - Nice job! :)
very very nice screenshots on flickr. please ,it works on windows 10?
Thanks :D

Yeap, works. I have win10 too ;)
Excellent! Thanks.
youre welcome :)
Incredible work... Nothing more to say..
Thanks mate. :)
Very good.

Muy bueno, forocochero. :)
Son filtros sanos :P

Gracias ;)
Great job mate, loving it
Thanks Keith :)
Finally launched!! nice
Yeap :)
looks really great!
nothing really bad to say about it, just the night filter looks more like driving in a black mist and not at night but the rest is very goood!
Thanks :) I will look to improve night
Assetto Corsa is a completly different game with this visuals. Just amazing! Thks!
Thanks mate ;)
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