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R3E Dashboards and In-Game widgets

R3E Dashboards and In-Game widgets

  1. Stefan Mizzi
    Hi :) I have developed a simple web dashboard for myself and thought of sharing it with you. Not sure if you'll find it useful as unless you have an extra monitor, tablet or mobile, this wont be of much use.



    How it works:

    But anyways, this web dashboard can be access from any of your devices as long as it is on the same WIFI or you are using your external IP.

    Windows and .NET 4..5

    See attached file to this post



    After installing, you will have a shortcut on your desktop. Click on it and the screen below will come up. You can leave the default settings which are your local IP and a port. When you click on Start, the OS will ask you to allow the port to be access and say yes if you want the software to work. If you choose an External IP, your dashboard will work from anywhere but of course you'd need to have port forwarding setup and your External IP accessible from the outside word.


    Anyway, when you click start, the web dashboard will pop up and the screen below is shown. If you want to use this software on your mobile/tablet etc,

    just use the URL http://telemetry.justrace.net/

    In this case, you need to enter the IP address and port as seen above. If opened from the software, the IP and port will be auto populated. Once populated, the web will remember your IP and Port after the first time. This data is ONLY stored on your device and never sent to any other pc/server. This means that I am only storing these locally on your machine or device. If you do not have a static IP, which means an IP that changes, you might need to check the new IP in the screen above and re-enter it.

    Once the IP and Port are there, next click on Launch Dashboard and the following will come up...


    Then launch the game and the data will start streaming...you can also launch the game beforehand.

    Choose your desired dashboard


    Dashboard will start or awaits for stream from game




    I have not added all the data yet, but will soon be adding them (when I get some free time!). Hope you will find it useful. Requests, suggestions and bug reporting and all very welcome!

    Just in case it stops or does not start, press F5 ;)



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Recent Reviews

  1. Rouen
    App dead, remouve that post please...
    1. Stefan Mizzi
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your 1 start. Instead, you could have asked for maybe support or why it's down?

      The main url has changed and now is http://telemetry.justrace.net

      Having said that, you dont even need http://telemetry.justrace.net/ because the app can also be hosted on your machine by cboose option Local Web.
  2. ChikiWaki
    It is really useful, it adds a much needed information missing in the official game. Thank you.
  3. toto2b
    Hi, Watching your video I was very excited but
    APP not working. I am on the latest Windows 10
    Have a look here for the error message http://hpics.li/6760266
    1. Stefan Mizzi
      Author's Response
  4. G2Jason
    Version: 1.6.12
    This is great. I can't wait to try this with my Chromebook.
  5. samppa_85
    Version: 1.6.12
    This is just what i needed!!!! Thanx :) Superb App!!!
  6. budlix
    Version: 1.6.12
    Usefull app. Didn't discovered all this app can provide, but even with basic use, seems handy and well done.
  7. Bloodiwolfi
    Version: version
    Nice app, good work! Sry for my bad english but the background function isnt work.
    1. Stefan Mizzi
      Author's Response
      Did you maybe upload the image with a space in the filename? if so try without a space please and let me know :)
  8. Andy_J
    Version: version 1.4
    Superb app. Thank you Stefan.
  9. Dave R
    Dave R
    Version: 1.3
    Adds so much to the game. Thanks so much
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