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Session Log Parser, Graphs & Statistics - Windows App 0.4

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I released a windows application for rFactor 2 Session Log Parser & Statistics generation. This windows app is a stand alone application and does not need any internet/network connections.


1. Loads rFactor 2 session xml log files and stores the data in a structured format for querying and analysis [Done].
2. Displays session results, lap history and streaming information contained in log files. [Done]
3. Various graphs so that user can analyze session data [Done]
4. Functionality to export data to pdf [Not done yet]


Users can submit any requests in this thread for extra functionality and I will analyze it and if feasible implement it.
This application has also been developed as a web application with the loader using web services so that the loader and web app can be on separate servers. Might release soon too.

Technologies needed:

Windows application: this needs .Net framework 4.5 and Windows 7 (or above) (sorry for XP users)
Web application: this needs an IIS 6/7 for hosting the web app and services and .Net framework 4.0.


Version 0.4 with no .Net 4.5 and for 32 bit OS systems (x64 will work too)
Notes: Improved faster xml upload and added option to select all session by date range

Important: if you are upgrading from a previous version, just install it over the existing one and your data will be preserved. If you are installing the the first time, rename the file main_orig.db to main.db in the database folder of the installation.

Install Notes:

1. Before downloading, note the requirements mentioned above. Win 7 and above and .Net 4.5
2. Download the installer from the link above and install it
3. A shortcut should be created on the desktop
4. If not, you can run the exe from the Bin\Release folder of your installation
5. This requires .Net 4.5. If you don't have it installed, I included it in the Install folder.
6. Please report any bugs. Cheers


1. App consists of the following...

a. Sessions: here you can choose a session and view the results

b. Graphs: same data as in sessions, but in graph form. For now just Race and Qualify graphs. One can right-click on the graph to move it, use mouse wheel to zoom in and out and left-click to view the data on the clicked point

c. General Statistics and Championship: these are not implemented yet

d. Loader: here is where you can load the rF2 xml files. Note that you can set the default xml folder in the Settings.

These are some images:





Latest updates

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    Version 0.4 with no .Net 4.5 and for 32 bit OS systems (x64 will work too) Notes: Improved...
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    rFactor2LogManagerSetup V0.3

Latest reviews

A very useful tool to see th erace stats on a very good to read and understand overview.
A must have!!!
Great stuff Stefan!
Works great, also for 32 bit systems
Bram Hengeveld
Impressive skills there Stefan. Great job!
Stefan Mizzi
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