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Porsche 2.0 Liter Flat-6 [Use with any car]

Porsche 2.0 Liter Flat-6 [Use with any car] 2019-07-18

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Hi everyone today I'm giving you the opportunity to drive a porsche with the incredible sound of 2.0 liter from the 904/6, with the amazing coasting sounds that gives goosebumps.

The soundmod filenames are to change since I used a porsche 930 to test the rendering of the sound, you can use it on every car you want since it's not a public release without credits.

Check my youtube channel if you want to see more of my work or my website(WIP)

Soundmod :
Some sounds are made from this video :

here is a little tutorial on how to use this with any other cars for those who might have difficulties to find out what are the things to rename :

If you want to support my work, just leave a tip : https://www.paypal.me/amafmod

Latest reviews

Very nice thank you. But FYI, the 904 is a flat-4 cylindeer not a 6.
Would sound great in any flat 4 car. ;-)
Thanks ! I know it is, but the 904/6 is a Flat-6 and I made the sounds from this car, this sound is a Flat-6 not a Flat-4
Phenomenal work. The coasting decompression, downshifting, mechanical noise and induction are all excellent! Top quality sound mod.

Suggestions for further revisions:
Cabin simulation: add some kind of Q filter(or I dunno, like a frequency absorbing impulse response) to simulate cabin isolation, like a soft blanket over the very upper highs. Your samples are so clear on the interior view that I avoid getting my hand too close to my speakers or it'll get sucked right in.

Wind: increase the volume of wind rumble or to boost the lower frequency gain on the wind as the mids are fully occupied by that glorious intake roar! The wind rumbling in the mix would only add to immersion.

Thanks for your mod.

I see what you mean, I have to rework exhaust sound too, and mixing in general, It's really hard to make it perfect for everyone since I'm using some big Hi-Fi speakers to test my sounds, and mixing is not the same in game and in fmod project ^^ but will take note for future updates

Thanks for the feedback ! :)
Awesome. Can you please have a look at the 917K. I know, there was a greate sound mod out there, but unfortunately it is now broken
Will take a look on this one since, since it has already samples made, it will be easy, I will just add some more depth to the sound inside and some effects like fly by and distance fading away
Quel super travail. Félicitations!!

Good Job.
Magnificent ! Thank you !
Amazing! Gives a whole new life to the AC Legends 906!
Thank you for another good sound. Please make some sounds for DPI Cars...Acura, Mazda, Cadillac, Nissan ......
beau travail !!
very good work
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