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PopsRacer SIMHUB - Dash, Radar v04.24.2021

PopsRacer SIMHUB - Dash, Radar v04.24.2021 v04.24.2021

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All SIM Hub overlays are tested and made for Project Cars 2, but they work perfectly in AMS2. They work in other sims as well, but not all features are available. All Sim Hub overlays are always scalable. They require you to run the game in windowed mode. I'd highly recommend windowless modes in all games. I've also developed track names for PC2. AMS2 would be a fairly easy conversion. I'd be happy to help assist anyone that would like to take that project over. :)

The original PC2 post is:

The Dash overlay includes throttle, brake, clutch, and hand brake inputs. It includes gear, RPM, all 4 tire slipping indicators (PC2 and AMS2 only), HP and Torque (PC2 and AMS2 only), accelerometer & de-ccelerometer, coolant temp, turbo, analog clock ***, estimations on fuel, steering position, and more.

***I forgot to post back that you will need to change your time formating in your Windows systems for the analog clock to work perfectly. The long-time format needs to be formatted as such w/ 2 digits for each hh:mm:ss pm. The screenshot at the end of this first post shows the formatting required.

The Radar overlay seems to be universal in most sims that support SIMHub. The overlay fades in and out when needed, proximity indicator flashes separately when cars are on the left, right, and behind.

Dash (PC2 & AMS2 and works mostly on other Sims):

Radar (SIM Hub Universal):

PopsRacer v04.24.2021 SIMHUB.jpg

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Lovely stuff tx mate
Thanks! Btw- I've posted an update in the PC2 section
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