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[Plugin] JailHarmonica

[Plugin] JailHarmonica 1.2

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Jail Harmonica - it's gonna blow your mind as a stress reliever and fatigue booster. Lose yourself in perfectly clear notes of 5 different sounds this great instrument can play.

1. MSC Mod Loader (link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/msc-mod-loader.15339/).

How to install?
1. Unpack downloaded file.
2. Copy/paste all insides included (JailHarmonica.dll and Assets folder) to mods folder of MSC Loader (...\My Summer Car\Mods).
3. Play the game.

1. Find harmonica in a kitchen (tip. look at the left side of your kitchen doorway).
2. If by any case you behaved badly and got into jail, harmonica will lay near jail window.
3. Look at this beautiful instrument and press "F" button to play.
4. Besides cool sounds and vibes, you'll also lose some of your stress and get a little bit of fatigue.
5. It will save with you, so it'll stay in any location you put it on.
6. If by any unexpected game behavior you'll lose it, press "HOME" button to bring it back. It'll show in front of your face rightaway.

https://cc0textures.com/ - textures for harmonica
https://freesound.org/people/CBeeching/packs/7335/ - pack of sounds which some of were used for this modification.

Latest updates

  1. TV-Camera fix and better colissions

    Hello there! Finally managed to get a little time to work on my project. In changelog 1.2 you...
  2. Tweaks and save/load feature

    Hi there everyone! Thank you for downloading my mod. Many of you people feedback got me to the...

Latest reviews

really useful item, helped a lot in a 5 day jail sentence I got, although I have found 1 bug and that is that the harmonica likes to go through objects when it hits them with speed, such as being thrown etc, almost accidentally lost it outside my cell
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