PixSim Alpine A364 Cockpit Mirror Re-map and Re-view for GSCx 1.0

My goal, make the rear view image from the A364 cockpit a part of the immersion factor of this car

  1. Gringo
    The mirror system used in GSCx (gMotor) is simple, and it works as intended when you do not show any reflections from the car body, wing, wheels, etc.
    You can use this mirror fix without changing any of the camera setting and you will have the basic benefit of the improvement.

    If you want to go a bit further, you can make some easy file edits to show a reasonably accurate rear view with your car reflected in the mirror.
    Keep in mind our simple mirror system and this car were never designed to work together like this... but I hope you will agree that it looks pretty good.
    Unfortunately one important setting is found in the users "player file". The problem with that is the "Rearview_Front_Clip" will be a global change when we really only want to affect this single car type.

    I suggest creating a player file just for this car. That way the player specific changes required for the A364 can easily reverted by switching player profiles.

    I designed for primarily 21:9 UHD monitor, triple screen, TrackIR, VR. I hope everyone will see an improvement using A364 Cockpit Mirror Re-map and Re-view.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Fernando Zart
    Fernando Zart
    Version: 1.0
    Very well done mirrors, much like rF2 has, they show what's behind you and respond to your head movements. Top notch stuff to complement the mod. Thanks!
    1. Gringo
      Author's Response
      Cheers Fernando, Thank you for bringing the Alpine to GSC!!
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