Automobilista DAQ Plugin Setup 1.0

Detailed telemetry analysis for Automobilista

  1. Gringo
    This plugin originally designed for rFactor (aka, rFactorDAQPluginSetup_1.3.2 by DanZ) is working well in AMS Beta.

    Special Note: The plugin records data to RAM memory that is shared with AMS, this could cause AMS to crash or stop responding due to 32bit application memory access limitations. The number of cars loaded, the type of car, the track used, and the graphics detail level you have set, will determine how much RAM is remaining to record telemetry. AMS v1.1.5 will now display a "low memory warning" while you are on track. If you see a low memory warning while recording telemetry, use the ON/OFF toggle (CTRL-M is default) to stop recording. When back in the garage the telemetry that was recorded will be written out as normal.

    In this download are the setup files needed to install, the DAQPlugin for generating the telemetry log files, and the Motec Telemetry Analyzer software.

    Installation is not overly difficult however you will need to configure some thing as below.

    Run the installers to setup the DAQPlugin and the Motec software.
    Be sure to check out the readme during the plugin installation.

    Please see this post for additional setup instruction as AMS user files are now saved to your My Documents folder.

    You must patch (or replace with a previously patched copy provided in the package) the DataAcquisitionPlugin.dll file. The patched DLL will write Motec i2pro compliant logs to use with the provided Motec analyzer. (FYI some 8 bits have changed values in the log hearder AFAIK)
    For the plugin to write the log files you must make sure the "Log File Output Path=" defined in the DataAcquisitionPlugin.ini exists. The plugin will not write out the log files if the log folder does not exist. I recommend the default location
    You can start using the Motec analyzer with a default Project to read the data channels in the log files right away. Some of the channel names in the default Motec project have errors like spelling mistakes, or the data is not available in a AMS telemtry log.

    I have included my Motec Telemety Project for the CART mod that you can use as a base to get started. The project has many additions and modifications to dig the details out of the data. Together I hope we can develop, improve, and share Motec project ideas.

    Find the "Automobilista" project folder in the download package and copy to
    ..\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\Documents\MoTeC Projects
    Some configuration of the plugin maybe be desired after install, here is a copy of the "DataAcquisitionPlugin.ini" with the setup I use.

    Make sure that your DataAcquisitionPlugin INI has the correct data channel ALIAS names as below. These channel alias names are used by the Automobilista Motec profile.

    Restore Ini Comments=1 ; 1 = Restore original comments in this file on every load of the plugin, 0 = Don't

    [User Interface]
    Activation Toggle Key="m" ; Single printable character, as "x", or Virtual Key Code in hexadecimal, as 0xNN
    Activation Toggle Key Shift State=4 ; Combination of (by adding): 0 = None, 1 = Shift, 2 = Control, 4 = Alt
    Activation Toggle Key Hold Time=0 ; Seconds required to hold activation toggle key down
    Show OSD=0 ; 0 = No OSD, 1 = Show OSD
    OSD Show Time=5 ; Number of seconds to keep the OSD visible
    OSD Left Position=0 ; Horizontal pixel position of top-left corner of OSD (relative to rFactor window)
    OSD Top Position=0 ; Vertical pixel position of top-left corner of OSD (relative to rFactor window)
    Logging Activated Sound="D:\Steam Library\steamapps\common\AMSBeta\Plugins\rFactor Data Acquisition Plugin\Sounds\LoggerOn.wav" ; Path to a sound file to play when logging is activated
    Logging Deactivated Sound="D:\Steam Library\steamapps\common\AMSBeta\Plugins\rFactor Data Acquisition Plugin\Sounds\LoggerOff.wav" ; Path to a sound file to play when logging is de-activated

    [Logging Options]
    Logging Active On Startup=1 ; Activation Status on Simulation Startup: 0 = Inactive, 1 = Active
    Wait For Vehicle To Move=0 ; Wait for vehicle to move before starting data collection: 0 = No, 1 = Yes
    Sample Rate=100 ; Samples per second. Supported rates are: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100
    Write CSV File=0 ; motec_convert compatible CSV file. 0 = don't write, 1 = write
    Write LD File=1 ; Binary file compatible with Interpreter and i2. 0 = don't write, 1 = write
    Write LDX File=1 ; XML file containing additional information (used by i2). 0 = don't write, 1 = write
    Write Debug File=0 ; If = 1, writes debug output to DataAcquisitionPlugin.log
    Log File Output Path="D:\Steam Library\steamapps\common\AMSBeta\UserData\LOG\MoTeC" ; MoTeC log files will be written here
    Log File Base Name="<Track>-<YYYY>_<MM>_<DD>_<hh24>_<mm>_<ss>-stint<StintNum>" ; Defines the log file base file name format. Variable names are case-sensitive! See the README file for valid variables.

    Time="1" ; NOTE: This channel is written only to the CSV file
    Engine RPM="1"
    Clutch RPM="1"
    Eng Oil Temp="1 [alias]Engine Oil Temp[/alias]"
    Engine Temp="1 [alias]Engine Coolant Temp[/alias]"
    Engine Overheating="1"
    Fuel Level="1"
    G Force Lat="1"
    G Force Long="1"
    Throttle Position="1 [alias]Throttle Pedal Position[/alias]"
    Brake Pedal Position="1"
    Clutch Pedal Position="1"
    Steering Wheel Pct="1"
    Steered Angle="0"
    Wheel Rot Speed FL="1"
    Wheel Rot Speed FR="1"
    Wheel Rot Speed RL="1"
    Wheel Rot Speed RR="1"
    Ground Speed="1"
    Lap Distance="1"
    Brake Temp FL="1"
    Brake Temp FR="1"
    Brake Temp RL="1"
    Brake Temp RR="1"
    Ride Height FL="1"
    Ride Height FR="1"
    Ride Height RL="1"
    Ride Height RR="1"
    Suspension Pos FL="1 [alias]Susp Pos FL[/alias]"
    Suspension Pos FR="1 [alias]Susp Pos FR[/alias]"
    Suspension Pos RL="1 [alias]Susp Pos RL[/alias]"
    Suspension Pos RR="1 [alias]Susp Pos RR[/alias]"
    Steering Arm Force="1"
    Gyro - Roll Angle="1"
    Gyro - Pitch Angle="1"
    Gyro - Yaw Angle="1"
    Gyro - Roll Angular Velocity="1"
    Gyro - Pitch Angular Velocity="1"
    Gyro - Yaw Angular Velocity="1"
    Damper Velocity FL="1 [alias]Damper Vel FL[/alias]"
    Damper Velocity FR="1 [alias]Damper Vel FR[/alias]"
    Damper Velocity RL="1 [alias]Damper Vel RL[/alias]"
    Damper Velocity RR="1 [alias]Damper Vel RR[/alias]"
    Tire Load - FL="1"
    Tire Load - FR="1"
    Tire Load - RL="1"
    Tire Load - RR="1"
    Lat Force - FL="1"
    Lat Force - FR="1"
    Lat Force - RL="1"
    Lat Force - RR="1"
    Slide Pct - FL="1"
    Slide Pct - FR="1"
    Slide Pct - RL="1"
    Slide Pct - RR="1"
    Tire Press - FL="1"
    Tire Press - FR="1"
    Tire Press - RL="1"
    Tire Press - RR="1"
    Tire Temp - FL - I="1 [alias]Tyre Temp FL Inner[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - FL - M="1 [alias]Tyre Temp FL Center[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - FL - O="1 [alias]Tyre Temp FL Outer[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - FR - I="1 [alias]Tyre Temp FR Inner[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - FR - M="1 [alias]Tyre Temp FR Center[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - FR - O="1 [alias]Tyre Temp FR Outer[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - RL - I="1 [alias]Tyre Temp RL Inner[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - RL - M="1 [alias]Tyre Temp RL Center[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - RL - O="1 [alias]Tyre Temp RL Outer[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - RR - I="1 [alias]Tyre Temp RR Inner[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - RR - M="1 [alias]Tyre Temp RR Center[/alias]"
    Tire Temp - RR - O="1 [alias]Tyre Temp RR Outer[/alias]"
    Tire Wear - FL="1 [alias]Tyre Wear FL[/alias]"
    Tire Wear - FR="1 [alias]Tyre Wear FR[/alias]"
    Tire Wear - RL="1 [alias]Tyre Wear RL[/alias]"
    Tire Wear - RR="1 [alias]Tyre Wear RR[/alias]"
    Surface Type - FL="1"
    Surface Type - FR="1"
    Surface Type - RL="1"
    Surface Type - RR="1"
    Velocity X="1"
    Velocity Y="1"
    Velocity Z="1"
    Rotation X="1"
    Rotation Y="1"
    Rotation Z="1"


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