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Physics and Sound Update for VS McLaren MP4-13 2017-10-31

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1998 F1 Car Physics, Sound and UI Updates for Assetto Corsa 1.15.2
This is not an official update.
This package merely updates what was already there with some physics additions brought by later patches to Assetto Corsa. There are no large scale changes to the original physics.

-McLaren MP4-13 Custom Physics
-Recompiled audio using original MP4-13 sounds
-Old Driver Model to provide backward compatability with Skins
-Corrected UI Info and Logos

Download the original resource from RD, unzip then overwrite with these files.

This is a very early beta, especially of the sound. Feedback welcome.

We've put a track day server up with this mod, feel free to come and test it with us. It's called 'flying bollards'.
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finally a fix for this car,
can you also fix the f300?
Please do the F300 too, this is AMAZING!
Obviously needs more work, but any sound is better than no sound, I look forward to future updates. What's the ETA on the Ferrari update?
I'm absolutely ecstatic that this mod is being resurrected! If I can be a pain in the butt, I think that the one thing the sounds are lacking right now is that "crack" on the upshift, particularly on the external sounds. Other than that, this is exactly what this car needed. As far as the physics go, it's still a twitchy SOB to drive - which is exactly what it should be!
Delighted to see this back and looking forward to the F300 to go along with it. Really missed these cars, great job!
Great work bringing this car back. Personally I never knew it existed before for AC. As far as feedback goes I feel it needs to be a lot more compliant over the bumps. I was driving at Silverstone today and was struggling through maggots-becketts complex as it is quite bumpy through there. I don't know enough about suspension settings to get it where it needs to be but I did at least make some adjustments so I could set a reasonable lap time. When compared with the VRC MP4/22 that I also ran today, it's a lot more difficult to drive (yes I know that car has TC but not that relevant in this case I think). I was 8-9 seconds slower in the MP4-13 than the MP4/22 and I think this is mostly because I didn't have any confidence over the bumps. In real life (on the old layout of course) the difference was about 4 seconds.

Hope you, or the original modders, or both can come to some agreement to keep working on this as it's great!
WOW!!! lives again. Thank you so much.
Do not extract and use my sounds without my permission!!!
Sorry - with it being the same samples for the same mod I didn't see it as stealing, if you see what I mean.

Do you still have the orignal fmod projects? Do you think it would be possible for you to recompile and release a working update? Save people like me doing bad cover versions?
Good work.
I was working on the EXACT same update as you guys but i had no sounds yet so i couldnt release it...
Glad to see these older mods getting updated, even if it is unofficially. Do you have any plans of updating the Ferrari F300?
Yes. Posted a few videos of it. Thanks for the nice words.
nice, can you update all the camera?
Very good thank you boy. I hope to see the updated Ferrari F1 Concept again, that mod really deserves to be reborn. Good job!
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