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Cars Physics and Sound Update for VS McLaren MP4-13 2017-10-31

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I know, for I told me so
ears submitted a new resource:

Physics and Sound Update for VS McLaren MP4-13 - Respectful update to bring the old lady up to date

1998 F1 Car Physics, Sound and UI Updates for Assetto Corsa 1.15.2
This is not an official update.
This package merely updates what was already there with some physics additions brought by later patches to Assetto Corsa. There are no large scale changes to the original physics.

-McLaren MP4-13 Custom Physics
-Recompiled audio using original MP4-13 sounds
-Old Driver Model to provide backward compatability with Skins
-Corrected UI Info and Logos

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I really like your project, what you aim to accomplish. Unfortunately there are many mods losing support after the initial release, for some reason. Good luck with it!

Some feedback: Creating Kunos-like preview in the Content Manager doesn't work, the car is placed way left. This issue comes with the original release and it's the same after applying your update.



I know, for I told me so
I've asked for this to be deleted.

It was never my intention to offend.


I know, for I told me so
Thanks, but let's not take this too seriously.

It was just a little update for a car for a racing game. That car was good, but it didn't work any more. It was just a little update to make that car work again, because that car was good, and I thought it was a shame that that car didn't work any more.

There are all kinds of reasons why these things happen - it's frustrating that the game changes so that mods that are relevant when released become incompatible down the line. This must frustrate the people who release them. These are done by people in their spare time, they're not supposed to come with maintenance agreements.

I'm not looking for a fight.
Did you ask for permission to anyone from Virtua Simulazioni or to people involved in the creation of the car?

Personally I don't mind if someone wants to update the physics (I can only speak about this since it's my area), but was never asked.


RSS DIrector. Pro Sound Designer.
Hi @ears,

Responding to your review comment. I do have the original project including the updated and unreleased sounds which have been awaiting a realistic and well-informed physics update from the VS team for about 18 months which I hope they can make, but are yet to do so. I wouldn't be open to providing the files yet as I have always been open to providing this sound update myself.

I think a more effective approach would be to contact the team directly and see if you can assist them.

As David mentioned already, we'd like to have been asked for permissions to make updates to existing work. I want to continue having ownership of how my work is distributed in public, including how it should be portrayed so that it properly represents all the months of effort that went into it.


I know, for I told me so
What has this to do with your provided update?

@NeverKrash's comments - or perhaps more accurately what I was writing in reply - made me think that the audio I'd produced was a bad cover version of his. That made me think of that song, and the lyrics kind of fit, and made me laugh, so I posted a link.
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I for one am glad you have taken the trouble to update. I hope you can also update Ferrari F300.
Id rather that didnt happen, the whole issue with the ferraris was a massive headache that id rather not get back into and id certainly not want another modder to get into trouble because of it.

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
Or any one, for personal use, can just use CM and update any mod they want on their own, including the preview, tires, sound, etc.. as for the physic, opening a .ACD files takes less then 30 seconds.
As far as modifying and offering to the public a modification made to someone else mod without having discussed it with the creator and obtain a permission, it does not feel right and could become ugly very fast, as anyone can do it.
I have no doubt this was done with the best intent, but it is still not right, at least not here, Facebook would be a more appropriate site.