Peugeot 504

Peugeot 504 1.0.9

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Injection (1.8) Berlina A02 '68


TN Sport '77


3d model by x4fab, physic by Dmitrii A & Lunae, sound by Dmitrii A.



Car has all LODs & COCKPIT_LR, triangles numbers match Kunos ones. If you want to make custom skins, here is template (v1.0.9, please, don't forget to use AO layer).



Latest updates

  1. New v7 tires, adjusted suspension geometry, some visual fixes

    Update for Assetto Corsa 1.5.8: New v7 tires; Adjusted suspension geometry; Adjusted materials...
  2. Little Adjustments for Physics, Sound and Model

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Changes: Tuned suspension, brakes and steering of TN...
  3. New TN Sport Version

    Added new version, TN Sport! Other changes: Brand new sound, recorded specially for this...

Latest reviews

nice thx
The Mod is very good, nice modeling, nice physics and nice sound (only inside the car), it is a shame about the exterior sound and that the TN version does not work (at least for me). Still, very good work.
loving it!!!! thanks!
Wish this would get finished. The sport version won't load.
It's okay, audio is only inside the car, and the sport version doesn't work, but other than that. It's got potential
There is no exterior sound. Interior sound have no tire squeal.
To bad :(
Nice model and details tho.
great mod, if it was not for the missing sound on chase camera would be an easy 5 stars
It is indeed a Beautiful car. But why is there no exterior sound?
Gracias, ahora puedo cumplir mi sueño de ser tachero
I have problems when i race with the 504 TN
Thank you!
504 TN crash, 504 stock works great but no sound in 3rd person.
peugeot 504 is ok great work , but not sound in exterior camera, and 504 Tn crash in launch..
Lindo MOD, la versión TN no funciona en mi caso (TN Version dosn't work... for me, I have any issue I think), el auto se siente bien en pista!!
I have downloaded a newer version (1.2) from AC Club. Not sure if that is official but it works flawlessly. V10 tyres, external sound fix and such. Great work nonetheless!
The quality of this mod is superb, on the level of Kunos I'd say! Thank you x4fab, Dimitrii, and Lunae for this fantastic car!

Unfortunately external sound is missing and the tyre model should be upgraded to 10, otherwise it's a solid 11/10!
Good God this is good! Double double good! The fidelity to the actual 504 is superb...a lovingly realised real world car.
Great car, well done !

However, there is a few things needed yet in order to make it greater: missing flames (fortunately your CM can autofix it for us), and default map is wrong, looks like based on AO but it doesn't work this way) and exterior sounds I'm pretty sure they are not there yet.
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