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Peugeot 504

Peugeot 504 1.0.9

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Update for Assetto Corsa 1.5.8:
  • New v7 tires;
  • Adjusted suspension geometry;
  • Adjusted materials;
  • Fixed mesh;
  • New previews;
  • Dash cameras, fixed driver, exposure, etc.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  • Tuned suspension, brakes and steering of TN Sport
  • Sound volume adjusted (interior is a bit louder, exterior is a bit quieter)
  • Improved damages for both cars
  • Fixed blurred rims of TN Sport
  • Reviewed colors of TN Sport (that green color was awful)
  • Fixed UV mapping of TN Sport (if you're making skins, please, take a look at “Fix (1.0.9)” layer)
  • A lot of other little fixes like LODs, wheel arches, etc
Added new version, TN Sport!



Other changes:
  • Brand new sound, recorded specially for this mod
  • New tyres
  • Mesh and textures fixes and improvements
  • LODs fixed (I forgot to enable them, sorry)
  • And also improved
  • Data packed (mostly to make online safer, you can still download unpacked data here)
  • Size of body_shadow.png fixed
  • Temperature gauge now works (now it's a water temperature instead of oil temperature since oil one doesn't work)
  • Damage & dirt textures have been redone
  • Wobbling exhaust pipe
  • UV fixed in a lot of places (thanks to @Flat-twin)

Here is an updated template.


Now we're working on TN Sport version and touring version. Coming soon, I hope. :)
Maybe 130000 doesn't look very legit, but Kunos uses same values (look at Ruf Yellowbird, for example). And it's better than 000000.
It was some kind of two-step upload to get proper URL.
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