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  • I’m not interested in playing demo games

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Studio Concrete 0.5

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I was wondering if it’s possible to make a showroom with studio-like reflections, but without visible surfaces for it. Turns out it could be done pretty easily — AC doesn’t render surfaces with IsTransparent flag even if they aren’t transparent in any way.

Latest reviews

very nice!!!!!
Very nice idea, simple and photogenic space. People need more tasteful showrooms in AC.
I like it a lot, thanks!
Nice alternative. Thanks.
Yes a garage scene of some sort would be very nice..
Good work, hopefully you can remake some of the other gt showrooms. (hoping for a pit garage but thats a bit much :)
great thank you, it could look a little more realistic but it looks allready very good.
Thanks! I was thinking about showroom from GT6 (but couldn’t find any proper screenshots). I’ll try to improve it later.
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