Peugeot 504

Peugeot 504 1.0.9

No permission to download
I have problems when i race with the 504 TN
Thank you!
nice car
504 TN crash, 504 stock works great but no sound in 3rd person.
peugeot 504 is ok great work , but not sound in exterior camera, and 504 Tn crash in launch..
Lindo MOD, la versión TN no funciona en mi caso (TN Version dosn't work... for me, I have any issue I think), el auto se siente bien en pista!!
I have downloaded a newer version (1.2) from AC Club. Not sure if that is official but it works flawlessly. V10 tyres, external sound fix and such. Great work nonetheless!
The quality of this mod is superb, on the level of Kunos I'd say! Thank you x4fab, Dimitrii, and Lunae for this fantastic car!

Unfortunately external sound is missing and the tyre model should be upgraded to 10, otherwise it's a solid 11/10!
Good God this is good! Double double good! The fidelity to the actual 504 is superb...a lovingly realised real world car.
Great car, well done !

However, there is a few things needed yet in order to make it greater: missing flames (fortunately your CM can autofix it for us), and default map is wrong, looks like based on AO but it doesn't work this way) and exterior sounds I'm pretty sure they are not there yet.
Looks and drives like the real one, a must !
Nicee work!! Love it
I Used to have a 504, and this one reminds me to my car in many job!
Really great mod, great fun to drive. I have an issue with sound though. when i lift off there is hardly any sound at all. Is this normal? I can here something but is very low volume and a great contrast to acceleration.
Thanks! After watching a lot of videos, I think it’s quite normal for this car. Also, sounds were recorded from a real car with a very similar engine. :)
Latest version is perfect! physics feel spot on, very fun car to drive to it's limits and throw around corners, excellent work guys!
Perfect! :)
Five Stars are saying everything, thx a lot
perfect, perfect and perfect!!
la voiture de mon grand-père en blanc!! j'ai limite la larme a l’œil tellement elle est parfaite, il manque juste l'odeur!
merci :)

the Great mod!
just love this car for sunday cruising :) good job on this car
Good Job!
multiplayer compatible - exemplary!

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THX for the Mod
Great mod, beautifully done fun to drive and decent FFB. Also something fresh and original not seen in many racing games. Good thing you added the sport version too for some extra grunt! Thank you for this addition.
Very good and very fun to drive. Great attention to details.Thank you for your efforts. :)
Very nice work it seems ! I never got one between my hands, so can't really say, but it looks very realistic.
Thank you so much for sharing your work !
If you've been to x4fab, you may have noticed he's a perfectionist with the good kind of OCD.

This has rubbed off on this little car, there is almost no way to fault his creation. The model is highly detailed and accurate, yet not excessive in poli-count so it's not tasking on performance. The sound and handling are believable and from my very subjective point of view seem completely realistic and very fun to chuck around.

No detail is overlooked, from the correct headlights color, to the period accurate paints, all the way to opening doors and working wipers! And with the Kunos style preview it can very well be part of the official content. For me this is the best mod car for AC!

But what really wins me over is the subject matter, this is the kind of car that isn't usually created for racing sims. I can't wait for these guys' next original project, I hope it's something as unexpected as this.
Fun little car, very well made. Thanks!
Very good work. The car is superb and seems like the real 504. Kunos could include it in Assetto Corsa.